Yes!!! Windows 10 is out and is free for all current windows users to download and upgrade for free!
Recall the windows icon located on the bottom right hand side of your taskbar? Well, you can now upgrade to the brand new Windows.
We are extremely glad to inform all Windows users, that the Microsoft’s Windows 10 is out today, Wednesday 29th July 2015. This means that all current users of Windows, starting from Windows 7 and above, to upgrade. According to Microsoft windows official, all current users have only one year from today to take advantage of Microsoft’s free upgrade offer, after that, it won’t longer be free.
Am excited and am currently upgrading mine, i have been waiting for this day. What about you? Are you ready to move from your current windows to the upgraded one?
Well, here’s a step by step guidelines on how you can go about, installing it. As with all major upgrades you do, it is always advisable for users to back up their machine first. It’s also a good idea to check if your computer can handle the new software. Although if your computer is not compatible, you will seen it there.

Here are Two Steps To Upgrading your Windows to Windows 10

Step 1: To know that you are qualified and eligible to upgrade, you should have seen the icon located on the bottom right hand side of your taskbar, asking you to reserve your place to upgrade, where they’ll request for your email address.
However, for users who did not see this icon, they will have to either buy a new Windows device or pay $119 for the Home version). If you haven’t already reserved a copy, do so, because that’s how Microsoft confirms your eligibility and starts preparing your device, quietly installing files on your computer in expectation of of the 2,712.6 MB download of the windows 10.
Step 2: You may be seeing this or miight have seen another pop-up notification to start the upgrade. It will look something like this:
windows 10 upgrade
When you see this, Hit that notification, and the installation begins. Depending on your country’s network, the download can vary from 20 minutes to more than an hour, the download time also depends on your device.
We’re here to answer any of your questions.

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