Have you ever want to know your Airtel mobile number but find it so hard to do so? either because you have loss your sim pack or something else? Well, Airtel got you covered because you can now check your Airtel mobile number even with a torch mobile phone!
However, if you decided to check your Airtel data balance, use this guideline.
I have seen several people who have searched for things like “how to check airtel number in phone” and “how to check own number in airtel” in several forums, so we decided to share the simply guide on code to check airtel mobile number for free using your Airtel simcard on your Device.
check airtel mobile number
Guideline On How To Check Airtel Number with My Mobile Phone
Step 1: You are required to Dial *121#
Step 2: A page will load up and will display some menu, simply select “answer” and press 2 then send.
Step 3: After that, you will see the next page which will also display some menu, simply select “answer” and press 1 again then send.
you will now get a message that says “Your Number is 080……….
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That’s it, you can now get your mobile number without any hustles anymore.
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