Hello to all Infinix Note lovers! Confirmed news reaching our news desk today, is that the Infinix Note 4, which will be coming with XPen is set to be released on July 3rd 2017. This means that the Infinix Note 4 xpen smartphone will be out on Retailers websites like Konga, kilimall, souq in Egypt, etc.

According to this confidential report on my news publishing desk, The Infinix note4, which is produced by Infinix Mobility, is set to be released on 3rd July. Since last year, there has been rumors regarding the next generation of Infinix Note series, and am proud to say, WE will surely be giving you, the complete reviews of the infinix note 4 features.

Infinix Mobility is set to launch the Infinix Note 4 and probably, although I am not sure, the Note 4 pro Phone by July 3rd 2017, according to official information which was available to top bloggers. There is absolutely NO official Specifications and features of the device are at the moment, what we have is speculations, but it’s obvious from the image below, that the Infinix Note 4 will be coming with Xpen, not dual camera, but a single rear camera, a physical home button which will obviously double as fingerprint scanner and a massive batter with fast charge and adapter, coupled with earphones.

infinix note 4 xpen

Like i disclosed above, What everyone has in their blog is speculations, and no one has the real and official features and specs of the Infinix Note 4 and Note 4 pro. However, from previous specs and what we know about the Infinix series, this device is expected to come with 13MP back camera and 8MP front camera, a 5050mAh battery ,4GB RAM and Heliox P10 SoC .

Infinix Note 4 Release Date

infinix note 4 release date

However, you should note that the Infinix Note 4 will be officially announced on July 3rd and will be available later in countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Uganda, South Africa, Malaysia and Ghana.

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