The iPhone 7 is completely turning the Technology news portals to gossip websites, and am seriously confused. So far, Techopera administration has so far, written this SPECS about the upcoming iPhone 7.

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The iPhone 7 is one of the most anticipated devices for the year 2016, and it seems the arrival of the iphone 7 will be upsetting the list of top 10 Fastest Smartphones in 2016. The Xiaomi mi5 and Samsung Edge s7 are topping the list, followed by iphone 6, but there might be changes to this list, when the iphone 7 is released.
The newest rumour on ground is that the Iphone 7 will be covered, from head to toe in a glass body, and this is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S series. It is also rumored to come with a curved OLED display. A unibody glass build has two major advantages which is listed below:
1. A Unibody glass helps in fast wireless charging.
2. A Unibody glass aids in enhancing cell reception.
Although Apple has built the iPhone 4 and 4s to have glasses on it’s body, it was stopped, mainly because of the effect cracks on the back had on the overall stylish design.
This time around, Technology has gone beyond our imagination, and the problem has a better solution, and the overall glass durability has increased since the iPhone 4 days.
It is still be speculated that the iphone 7 might be released in 2017 and not 2016, since the Apple always want to be the first in Mobile phone, and Samsung is always trying to come first.
It has also been speculated that adding an all metal body, might not make up for removing the 3.5mm head phone jack, but this is a step in the right direction.
Here’s a mock up of a possible prototype of the iPhone 7.
Apple iPhone 7
The reason why we are saying that the Apple iphone 7 might be delayed and released in 2017, is because 2017 will be iPhone’s 10th anniversary.
More details regarding this information will be released here on Techopera.

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