So far, this is the cheapest Airtel, Glo, Etisalat and MTN data bundles and plans for Nigerians. I write an article about the cheapest Internet Data Plans for Laptops, PC, Android, iPhone and iPad in Nigeria and i think you’ll find this article, very helpful.
I discovered that in almost quarter of the year, Networks are always slashing their prices for data bundles, deactivating previous plans and activating newer ones.
Here is the Cheapest internet packages and data plans for Mtn, Etisalat, Airtel and Glo.


mtn data plan
You can get 2GB at Two thousand Naira (₦2,000) data bundle plan.
If you decides to activate this plan, simply send SPB as an SMS to “131″. The validity period of this package is 30 days.


cheap etisalat data plan
Another big time player in the Nigeria data bundle providers is Etisalat, and they do have some of the cheapest and most affordable data plans. You can get 1gb for ₦1,000 and 2GB at ₦2,000. To activate, use the codes below.

  • For Etisalat 1GB at ₦1,000 dial *229*2*7#
  • For Etisalat 2GB at ₦GN2,000 dial *229*2*8#

Please take note that this plan is valid for 30 days ONLY.


Airtel Android Data Plans
Am a big fans of Airtel, not because they do provide one of the fastest connection, but because of their cheap provided data plans. As a subscriber of Airtel Nigeria, you’ll be given 3GB at One thousand, five hundred Naira (₦1,500).
The code to activate this data bundle plan remains  *440*16#. Note that this data bundle is valid for 30 days only.
Unlike other networks with just one or two cheap data plans, Airtel has lots of Data bundles and packages for all users. There are to other plans which are cheaper, but comes with greater and huge internet data bundle.
You can get the Airtel 4gb for ₦2,000 (Two thousand Naira)
While the Airtel 9gb for ₦3,500 (Three thousand Naira).
Their subscription codes to activate this plans is as follows:
*440*161# (for 4GB plan)
*438*1# (for 9GB plan)


Glo Complete Blackberry Plan
Another Nigerian telecommunication networks with some of the best and most affordable data bundles for their users. Globacom were the first to introduced into the Nigerian market, the cheapest non-blackberry data bundle subscription plan, which gives all subscribers, 1GB of data at ₦1,000. To activate the 1GB at NGN1,000 data bundle plan, send 53 as a text message to 127

Cheapest and Unlimited Data Plans

Cheapest Internet Data Plans for Laptops, PC, Android, iPhone and iPad in Nigeria
With a newly introduced internet bundle of 3GB at ₦1,000 (One thousand Naira) a newly introduced data plan by Airtel Nigeria, we can’t deny the fact that browsing is now cheaper than expected, as the competition between these providers to get more customers increases.

Airtel 1hr Unlimited Data Plan

The Airtel 60 minutes unlimited data bundle, is a type of internet plan, which gives all subscribers the access to access the internet and download as much as you like for the duration of 1 hour, and there is no limitation placed on this package.

How To Subscribe To Airtel 1hr Unlimited Data Plan

Subscribing costs ₦180 per hour. So for you to successfully subscribe to this bundle, you’ll need send 60m to 439 or dial the *439# and select this plan from the options.

Airtel 3GB at NGN1,000 internet bundle Plan

The Airtel 3gb for ₦1,000 is another wonderful plan from Airtel. Unlike other networks that gives you same Gigabytes for a higher price, all Airtel simcard users can get a whooping 3gb for just ₦1,000 only, with no string attached.

How to Subscribe to Airtel 3GB at NGN1,000 internet bundle Plan

So far, i can authoritatively inform you, that this is the cheapest data plan from Airtel Nigeria, but it is for ONLY Blackberry devices. To subscribe to this plan, you will need dial *431#.  You can check your glo data balance here

MTN 1hr Unlimited Internet Browsing Plan

Like the Airtel 1 hour (59 minutes, 59 seconds) unlimited data plan, you can also enjoy this same package on the Mtn Nigeria network. The MTN 60 minutes unlimited internet data bundle let you access the internet and download unlimited, ONLY for an hour.

How to Subscribe for Mtn 1 hour plan

You can subscribe for this plan which costs ₦150 per hour. To subscribe to this bundle, simply dial *567*59# and replying 1 to the prompt.

Airtel 1GB at ₦100 data plan

Yes, you read that right! You can get a whooping and complete 1gb for just ₦100 from Airtel, for the whole weekend. This data plans freely gives you the access to browse and download from the internet for just One hundred Naira. This plan works on all Airtel SIM.

How to Subscribe to Airtel 1gb for ₦100

To subscribe, Dial *474*1#
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