The Glo monthly blackberry data subscription internet bundles and package has been increased! Recalled that the Glo monthly Blackberry Complete plan, which once costs subscribers One thousand Naira Only (₦1,000) to browse unlimited with 3GB on their blackberry device? Well, the price for the subscription has increased.

This was one of the most cheapest data bundles in Nigeria, mainly for Blackberry users and those who changed their android device to Blackberry through IMEI. All subscribers should take note that the price for this data has increased and been topped with ₦500 extra!
Glo Complete Blackberry Plan

Important Tips

It is very important for all subscribers to take note that the ONLY increment is the price of the glo monthly blackberry subscription, while the data allotted for the plan remains 3GB. As for the weekly plan, the price remains ₦400 for 700MB.

The Globacomm Network is still the ONLY telecommunication and internet server provider in Nigeria, that does not have daily blackberry subscription.

Blackberry Plans

Plan Name Price (N) Data Volume Validity SMS to 777 USSD Code
Absolute Month 1,500 3GB 30 Days BBA Month *777*23#
Absolute Week 500 700MB 7 Days BBAweek *777*24#
Complete Month 1,400 3GB 30 Days BBCmonth *777*21#
Complete Week 400 700MB 7 Days BBCweek *777*22#

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