Here is how you can easily check your data balance, data status and expiry date on any of the following networks listed below;
MTN Data Balance,
Globacomm Data Balance,
Airtel Nigeria Data Balance and Status,
Etisalat Internet Data Balance.
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I do always want to know how much data i have remaining in my Internet subscription plan? It is also great to know when your data plan will be expiring and how much data remains, so as to know, if you are to download movies or Music, or to reduce the amount of data used. It all comes to down to knowing and been alert.
How to Check Data Balance/Status/Expiry on MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat
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Here is the guideline and simply procedures on how to check your data balance on any of the following networks listed and mentioned below.

How To Check MTN Data status/balance

  • How to check MTN Mobile data plan: Simply Text 2 to 131
  • Check MTB BIS subscription data balance: Text Status to 21600
  • Check MTN SME Data Balance: Dial *691*7# or text sharebalance to 131
  • Check MTN Goodybag Data plan balance or status: Text 403 to 131

Checking Glo Data status/balance

  • Check Glo data plan balance and expiry date: Text Info to 127
  • Check Glo BIS subscription data balance: Text Status to 777

Checking Airtel Data status/balance

  • Check Airtel mobile data balance: Dial *141*11*0# or *123*10# or dial *141*712*0#
  • Check Airtel BIS data balance: Text Status to 440 or dial *123*9#

Checking Etisalat Data status/balance

  • Check Etisalat data balance and expiry date: Text Bal to 228 or dial *228#
  • Check Etisalat BIS Subscription data balance:: Dial *228#

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