Is the JAMB result portal for 2023 officially open or available for UTME/DE candidates to check their results? This page will be providing you with every guide on How to check JAMB result online using your JAMB registration number, through the JAMB result checker portal login, etc.

Want to check JAMB result with registration number? ↵ Use this guide.

JAMB Result Checker 2023 Portal – Login Website.

how to check jamb result 2022

There are 3 authentic methods to check your JAMB result, and I will freely be sharing these methods with you. Do not let anyone deceive you by asking you to pay them to check your results. Checking your UTME scores/performance is free, and you can do it yourself using the methods outlined below.

How To Check JAMB Result Via SMS.

The first and easiest method to check your JAMB result, and to see each subject’s score is through SMS (text message). Take note that you CAN NOT use any phone number to check your result, it’s impossible. You can see your scores using ONLY the PHONE NUMBER you used during your JAMB registration.

To check your JAMB Result through SMS, send UTMERESULT to 55019 or 66019. (It is important to note here that you must have a credit balance of at least N50 on your line before your result will be sent to you).

The result would be replied to as an SMS shortly after the 50 Naira has been debited from your account balance.

How To Check JAMB Result 2023 For Free.

This is a simple guide on How to check JAMB result online through the JAMB official website. Note that there is a new official governmental website used for checking JAMB results online.

STEP 1: Visit JAMB portal @

jamb result checker portal login

STEP 2: When the website loads up on your browser (either on your smartphone or PC), note that you will have to type in your JAMB registration number or email address in the blank box provided.

STEP 3: After you have typed in either your email address or JAMB registration number, click on the button that reads “CHECK MY RESULTS“.

STEP 4: Then the next page will show your result (giving you in detail, your score for each of the four subjects you selected during your registration). Note that you can easily click on the print button below if you are ready to print it out. Better still, I’ll advise you to send the JAMB result to your email and have a copy of it, so you can easily print it out anytime you want.


Question: How Many Times Can I Check My JAMB Result?
Answer: It’s unlimited. You can check your JAMB result, as many times as possible. There is absolutely no limit, or restrictions to the number of times you can check your JAMB scores. Take note that has been retired, as it’s JAMB’s former website domain).

Question: Can I Check JAMB Result 2023 on my phone?
Answer: Yes, Depending on the phone, is it a normal device for making calls and receiving calls, or a smartphone? You can either use the SMS method or visit the JAMB result checker 2023 portal login on your smartphone to check your score.

Question: Has UTME released the JAMB result for 2023?
Answer: As of the time of publishing this, the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) result for 2023 has not been released. JAMB registrar, Prof Ishaq disclosed that the results are ready, but the reports from CBT centres have not been completely sent to the board. According to the registrar, this is to avoid a situation where UTME will release a candidate’s result today, and in a few days’ time, withhold it for partaking in examination malpractice.

Question: When should Candidates expect to see their results?
Answer: According to JAMB Registrar, Professor Is-haq Oloyede who disclosed in an interview on NTA, all candidates should be expecting their results starting from 12th May 2023. The registrar further disclosed that candidates having trouble checking their results should submit a ticket on the JAMB support website.

Question: Did UTMe Cancel Results for 2023?
Answer: The answer is NO. Results are not even out, so how does anyone knows that results have been cancelled? This is a bad rumour and I advise you to ignore it. If results are cancelled, it would a national issue and will be reported by reliable portals.

Possible UTME Results Outcomes All Candidates Should Expect.

Withheld: For candidates who received the message/notification “WITHHELD”, this means that there is a problem probably with your biometrics or technical issue (e.g the computer you used). There’s no need to be afraid, because most times, JAMB will release the result later.

Cancelled: This is probably the worst message to see when you checked your result and it says Cancelled. It means that JAMB has cancelled your result due to malpractice or breaking one of their rules. Your only option is either to sue them or wait till the next JAMB and rewrite it.

How To Print Original JAMB Result 2023.

Candidates should fully be aware that there is a distinct difference between the notification of results and the original UTME result (You must pay between 1,200NGN – 1,500NGN before you can print/get your Original JAMB Result).

There is no need to print or get your Original JAMB result till you have been offered admission into your school of choice. To print out your original JAMB result, simply go to any CBT centre or cyber cafe near you. Ensure that after getting your original result, print 5 – 12 photocopies of it for admission procedures.

Did You fail JAMB?

This is one aspect that I perfectly understand. It is no secret that JAMBites are afraid of checking their JAMB scores/performance, and when asked, they are always afraid to fail.

I have come across several candidates who intentionally don’t want to check their UTME score, while it will take others, weeks before they can muster the courage to check their performance.

JAMB failure, is there anything as Failing JAMB? My answer is This: You either score High or Low.

The major aim of sitting for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is to get admitted into a tertiary institution. Some candidates will score 150 and get admitted to a course, while another candidate will score 250 and still won’t be admitted. So are we allowed to say that the candidate who scored 250 failed JAMB, or what?

The only difference I see is this: Either you scored above or below your desired institution cut-off mark for admission.

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