PutLocker is a platform that provides users with a wide collection of movies and TV shows of all genres from across the world, especially Bollywood Movies, Hollywood movies, and Korean movies.

You can easily stream Putlocker’s content for free, and like other torrent sites, this website does have various websites online. However, the official website of Putlockers is no longer accessible, and viewers who are used to Putlocker’s interface are eager to see recommendable Putlocker alternatives.

This website was first created in 2011, in Britain, Putlockers has since then, not looked back in providing its audience with the latest movies. Unfortunately, since this website shares copyright content, it’s constantly being blocked by the governmental body responsible for keeping the internet copyright-free.


Hope you’re aware that Hosting companies and law enforcement are the government officials taking down free streaming sites, and even favourites like Putlocker are not left behind. So what are you supposed to do, when your favourite movie streaming sites are NOT opening anymore?

Similar Sites like PutLocker.

10 Best Putlocker Alternatives.

1. SolarMovie

Ever heard of this streaming site, SolarMovie? If you’re searching for a streaming site that have a vast collection of movies you can watch for free, I’ll recommend you check this site out.

SolarMovie has the potential to be among the top 3 best Putlocker alternatives. SolarMovie is free; it’s fast, and the user interface isn’t jam-packed like most streaming sites. You can easily access the wide collection of movies and TV shows on SolarMovie without issues experienced on other streaming platforms.

However, like most streaming websites, SolarMovie does have its own fair share of disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is the annoying ads and registration. Aside from the ads issues popping up on the site, you have one of the best platforms to watch an unlimited amount of Movies for free. You’ll find videos categorized by country name, and genre.

You can watch Indian, Hollywood, British, Korean and African movies on this site. However, only a few sites practise this, but SolarMovies requires you to sign up before accessing the site. You must sign up on the site using an email id. However, registration is free.

2. KissCartoon.

The name already gave out the secret. This website only shares cartoon movies. KissCartoon is a platform known by millions of Cartoon lovers that streams cartoons. The reason why I added KissCartoon to this list of PutLocker alternatives is that it’s peculiar because you can stream cartoons from the late 60s on this platform.

KissCartoon shares the best-animated shows and movies from the good old golden days. The best part? All the cartoons available on this platform are in HD formats, making it more fun to watch cartoons in a high-quality format.

The cartoon streaming platform is owned and managed by Kiss Anime Network. Kiss Anime Network owns several sites that shares lots of cartoons in the manga, and comics.

3. Soap2day.

I’ve shared SolarMovies and KissCartoon and the special feature that made me list them among putlocker’s alternatives, right? What’s the Soap2day streaming site known for?

Soap2day has some of the best television shows for free, where users can stream popular and latest TvShows for free. Even though its TvShows is its best feature, Soap2day also provide the audience with a great platform to stream films and sports lovers, having a special category for sports.

Soap2Day is a free site that allows anyone from every part of the world to access its content for free, making it a great Putlocker alternative. However, just like SolarMovie, one of Soap2day’s biggest setbacks is the number of ads it shows, which are pop-ups and banners.

This platform is open to everyone, allowing everyone accesses to its vast collection of TV classics and sharing the latest theatre hits, and sports videos, Soap2Day has it all. This is why it’s no secret why this site is one of the best streaming sites in the world today.

4. KissAnime.

The fourth position on this list of Putlocker alternatives is non-other than KissAnime. Just like the name suggests, KissAnime is a platform that has a massive collection of anime movies and videos.

I do think that Anime was for kids, till I grew up and still love watching Anime movies, since Anime videos are watched by kids, teens, and adults, KissAnime does have a category for all age groups.

Another reason why I think this site will be here for a long time, aside from sharing the latest and the best anime videos for free, the mobile version of KissAnime has sites approved by the DMCA, a powerful body responsible for implementing Copyright Acts. The Anime Videos are of high quality and bright colours, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the best anime-streaming experience. Instead of Anime videos, if you prefer watching Anime Series, Anime films, or webisodes, Soap2Day is the perfect place for you.

5. 123Movies

123Movies was among the first set of free streaming movies that has a huge collection of movies, that looks like the library of all movies. This site provides you with movies of any quality of your choice. You can choose to stream movies on 123Movies in HD format or lover, depending on your data package.

This movie streaming platform, 123Movies is one of the most popular Putlocker alternatives. Movie lovers who prefer watching Asian animation like anime, manga, and others, 123Movies should be your #1 entertainment home right now, because it gives you access to the latest movies and animation videos.

One outstanding advantage 123Movies has over its competitors is that it does not require registration or users to sign in, before watching any movie. Just like countless other streaming sites, 123Movies is filled with ads, both banners and pop-ups. However, since it’s their source of income to keep it running, you’ll have to overlook this side of the site.

6. Afdah.

Another popular substitute for Putlocker is Afdah, a platform that offers free videos without the hassle of a sign-up. It is a no-frills platform, with no unnecessary features that can confuse a new user. It has a straightforward user interface, and it is quite easy to browse through the large collection of the site and find videos that you need. No more bouncing around the site to find the right page for streaming video!

The video categories are clean and disciplined. You will be able to find them segregated as Thriller, Action, Adventure, Animation, Sci-Fi, War, and more. Even the search engine is pretty powerful. Just type an alphabet, and you will get to see the movies starting with that letter. An exciting feature of the site is that it offers four servers for smooth streaming. The only issue here is that of pop-up ads.

7. Crackle.

Another recommendable alternative to Putlocker is Crackle. This video streaming site has been recommended for various streaming sites, because of the platform and user experience it provides.

Crackle has one of the best platforms for enjoying films and TV shows. Their films, TvShows, and movie collection will certainly shock you. Going through the site, you’ll discover thousands of titles, with many more being added on a regular basis. Crackle provides you with the perfect platform to binge-watch movies for as long as you want.

Crackle does not add unnecessary features to its platform, making it load faster and easy to navigate. You can rely on this website for an impressive streaming performance, too. However, the platform earns the majority of its money through ads displayed on the site, meaning that you’ll be faced with lots of ads when using it.

8. StreamingSites.

This platform name has one of the strangest names. Because the internet is filled with hundreds of streaming sites, right? Why then would a platform name itself “StreamingSites”? That aside, Streamingsites provides its users a quick solution to what they need, unlimited access to streaming movies and TV shows.

On Streamingsites, you’ll see various movies and TV shows, cartoons, sports, games, news cartoons, and many more from across the world. This site does what it’s named after, bringing together under one platform, everything you want to stream for your convenience. There’s no need to visit one site for Cartoons, and another for Anime, games, TV shows, etc. You can get all of them under this platform.

However, since movies are the most sought-after category, this platform Since most visitors spend more resources and effort in providing users with access to a long list of film-streaming platforms. The library is constantly being updated with new releases too.

Unlike other sites mentioned on this list of PutLocker alternatives, Streamingsites is among the few that do have options for both free and paid content.

9. YesMovies

This is another platform that is very popular among movie lovers. YesMovies provides users with a huge library of old and newly released films and TV shows. YesMovies do have one of the best-arranged categories, making it easier for users to get movies from their favourite genre.

YesMovies provides its users with unlimited access to thriller, action, adventure, war, and romantic movies. For people who love watching documentaries, YesMovies is the best streaming site for you.

It has a simple design that makes it easy for new users to access it. However, YesMovies does have a lot of pop-up ads that are angry.

10. LOS Movies.

LOS Movies is one of the most reliable streaming sites in the business, with a simple website design and an easy-to-navigate platform. This website makes it easier to watch movies online. There are lots of streaming sites that makes it time-consuming to search and start watching a movie, but not with this platform. The interface makes it easier and quicker to search for any available movie on its archives and start watching it.

For users searching for a particular movie, or want to watch movies based on the best ratings, LOS Movies makes it easier. You can search for movies based on users’ Ratings, Release Date, Date Added, and stars featured. Its extensive library will give you movies from any genre you’re in the mood for.

However, like everything in the world, there’s always a catch. The biggest disadvantage to users of this amazing streaming site is that it requires registration. Before accessing this site’s huge movie collections, you must first register with a valid email ID, and verify it before accessing the site’s content. But the good side is that registration is free.

11. MegaShare.

The name alone, is an indication that this portal must have something huge, right? This streaming site has a Mega collection of everything film/movie. MegaShare is your one-stop platform to watch movies, TV shows, animations, web series, and much more.

MegaShare legally has the right to be called one of the best Putlocker alternatives. With millions of visitors monthly, Megashare has proven to be among the list of favourite sites netizens love to use for streaming video content.

This platform has fast servers, which means that the streaming process is fast. Even if you’re watching or downloading content from this platform, be rest assured that you’re getting the best quality HD formats.

The category on MegaShare is beautifully separated, making it easier for users to quickly search for their favourite movies or TV shows, and series. You can search for films based on their country, release year, alphabetical order, IMDb rating, etc.

12. FMovies.

FMovies came out in the golden age of streaming websites. One of the oldest streaming sites in the world, FMovies does have everything you’ll ever need. Aside from the fact that FMovies is extremely popular, this platform is regarded as one of the best because of its massive database of movies and how easy it is to navigate the site. FMovies provide users with movies of high quality and a fast recommendable server.

Like other film-sharing sites, there have been lots of efforts to shut it down, but somehow, FMovies still find a way to come up stronger, introducing various TLDs to make it more difficult to shut it down entirely.

FMovies’ primary content consists of TV shows, movies, and web series. You’ll get the latest Korean movies, Bollywood Movies, Hollywood movies, and surprisingly, some African films on this platform.

13. WatchTVSeries.

Another alternative I’ll recommend for Putlocker is called “WatchTVSeries”. This platform’s primary content consists of Drama Series, Science Fiction Shows, Horror TV Shows, and Trending TV Series. Although this platform isn’t as popular as other streaming sites mentioned here, I still think it’s worth mentioning.

For Movie lovers that prefer watching television shows, This platform, WatchTVSeries is one of the best site that’s recommendable. Unlike other competitors mentioned on this list, instead of their Movie collection to be bigger, their TV shows are more massive than their movie collections.

WatchTVSeries is dedicated to television series. On this platform, you’ll get to see almost all popular shows in America, the UK, India, Korea, and China.

Another amazing feature about this site is that it has all major channels like CBS, HBO, ABC, BBC, Fox, FX, and more compiled here.

14. Noxx.

If you’re not a big fan of Movies and preferred watching TV shows and web series, Noxx, is the best place for you. Noxx has proven itself to be among the best TV show platforms, earning it a place on this list of best Putlocker alternatives. This platform is owned by the creators of AZMovies and provides users with a vast collection of videos in HD formats. But the only problem you will face on this site is with the categorization of the shows and web series.

Although the disadvantage of Noxx won’t be too far-fetched, because this site is relatively new to this niche, and there is enough room to work on the design, interface and user experience. Noxx makes it possible that while streaming/watching series and shows, the sequence of episodes is not broken.

15. Popcornflix.

Another amazing site I’ll recommend as an alternative to PutLocker is PopcornFlix. Seems like the Flix in NetFlix is making some site admins add it to their name, no doubt, to make their site look more authentic. But that’s not the case though. This streaming website, Popcornflix opens a whole new world of binge-watching movies to its users.

This platform has always prided itself as one of the few streaming websites with the latest and the freshest movies and shows, oftentimes sharing these shows/movies within a short time after they are released.

This website does have a massive database of movies from so many genres. The biggest disadvantage of Popcornflix is that its categorization is oftentimes placed at the bottom, and new users cannot easily find their way around the site. Aside from this disadvantage, Popcornflix is truly a flex.

PutLocker’s Alternative FAQ

What Is Putlocker?

Putlocker is a torrent site that provides users with numerous content for entertainment. One of the reasons why this website is popular among netizens is that users can easily download movies from this site for free.

Has Putlocker Ever Been Shut Down?

PutLocker was created in 2011, and since then, has never looked back. Providing users with the latest entertainment contents back to back. Movie lovers have named, Putlocker among their favourite sites for streaming free movies and TV shows. However, due to piracy charges, legal issues and going against the Copyright Act, this site has been changing its URL for years now.

Is it legal to use PutLocker?

We can’t deny the fact that if this site was legal, it would have been using its first name or registered company name by now. Going through this site and its URL changing pattern, there’s a huge possibility that this site is not complying with the copyright act. If you can access it through your ISP, then it’s likely legal for you.

Is It Safe To Download from Putlocker?

PutLocker provides you entertainment for zero cost and earns the money to smoothly run the site through various ads shown on each page that comes in the form of pop-up ads, redirects, banners, etc. However, if you’re scared of exposing your device to harmful links, I’ll advise you to use strong antivirus software.

Best Putlocker Alternatives?

There are lots of Putlocker alternatives listed on this page, with their own unique features. If you noticed that Putlocker isn’t opening through your ISP, you can use these streaming sites as alternatives to Putlocker. These alternative sites do have a massive collection of movies and TV shows. I’ll recommend platforms like 123Movies, Popcornflix, Afdah, SolarMovie, and Crackle.

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