Hey, Isn’t this amazing, that a Smartphone will be able to be completely and 100% fully charged within 5 Minutes? Well, all thanks to Infinix Mobility, this isn’t just any dream, but a reality!

Have you heard about the Infinix Note 3? Not the Infinix Zero 3, which is still one of the most expensive Smartphone from the company, But the Note 3, which is the predecessor of Note 2.

Infinity Mobility, who are the current makers of Infinix Smartphones, have launched another desirable and attractive smartphone into market, which is called ‘Infinix Note 3′. The Infinix Note 3 was officially released on the 26th of August, at the Civic Center, Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria.

Unboxing Infinix Note 3

The launching of this smartphone which was held at the Civic Center, Victoria Island was a great and wonderful event. Infinix Mobility is in partnership with MTN and Jumia, and had in attendance popular comedian Owen Gee and Praiz.

Just like every infinix smartphones released, this smart device comes with premium features, including;

6 (six) inch HD screen,
4500mAH battery,
finger print recognition,
13 MP back camera,
5MP front camera,
Water-cooling technology to prevent battery from overheating.

Most Admirable Features?

One of the most distinctive and admirable features of the Infix Note 3, is that it is produced with a super fast charge feature, giving users the ability to charge this smartphones within 5 minutes and have 200 minutes of talk time, when charged within this specific time.

The 200 minutes of talk time is the same amount of time you watch two football matches, this is one feature which will make this smartphone a viable product in Nigeria, because of the current shortage of power we’re experiencing.

How Much is Infinix Note 3

For those who are eager to handle this wonderful and premium device, you can easily purchase the phone on Jumia Kenya and Nigeria, while MTN offers Infinix NOTE 3 users a 7GB data bundle for N2,000 or a 3GB bundle for just N1,000.

Please take note that this Data Plan offer is exclusively for Infinix NOTE 3 users, because it is 100% double recharge for all users.

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