If you read Nigeria news and don’t know about Linda Ikeji, you’re still on a long thing. Linda Ikeji is truly the queen of Blogging in Nigeria and was recently named the Most powerful Entertainment Blogger in Africa.

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Laura Ikeji, who seems to be the one who loves FAME the most, is also very outspoken. The beautiful mother of one, who is married to Christopher Nwankwo, brother to retired Nigerian football legend Kanu Nwankwo. Laura took to social media to heap praise on her sister, Linda Ikeji for helping every one of her siblings acquire wealth.

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The social media influencer took to Instagram and revealed that Linda is the source of their family’s financial freedom and stability, and actually carried everyone along with her, making sure all her siblings achieved a good level of financial independence.

Sharing a photo she took with her sister on Instagram, Laura wrote about her sister, and the love she has for all her siblings, the largeness of heart.

Linda Ikeji and Laura Ikeji Nwankwo

Linda Ikeji and Laura Ikeji Nwankwo

Here’s what she wrote below;

“This is my sister, her name is Linda Ikeji, Linda is wealthy and rich , Linda is not just money rich, she’s rich in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Linda made sure everybody in the family is rich as well. 
She didn’t only give us some huge ridiculous amount of money sometimes, she also gave us knowledge, she made sure that when she withdraws the monthly allowances she usually gives us, we could stand on our own firmly too.

I haven’t received any amount of money from her in while, but i is truly a choice because if I needed money all I needed to do was simply ask, but fortunately I learnt well from her and I’m not doing badly at all. 
She didn’t just gave me fish, but went further and taught me how to fish. I took the Knowlege and I’m doing some amazing things with it #INCOMPLETE. Linda didn’t have to, she doesn’t owe us anything but she did. 
The Ikejis ‘re finacially strong individually because Linda decided to be Amazing Linda. #mysisterrocks #mondaymotivation #lindaismysister #iamgrateful”

Linda Ikeji is currently a single mother of one.

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