I decided to write this article because of the present economic recession in the country, In this particular article, I will show you ways to make money as a student in Nigeria universities and higher institutions.
This is because getting admission into the University or higher institution is fun and encouraging for those that have parents or sponsors by their sides, even at that, it is not easy.
It is quite unfortunate for those who don’t even have who to sponsor, train or assist them in the university or higher institution, while some students are also there lavishing their money and income on non-relevant things: This can be very annoying.
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Nevertheless, I have good news for you all out there that wants to make passive income as a student on campus without letting it affect your studies or academics.
This is because lack of money plays a very big role in low grades because you do you expect a student who has not eaten good food for long to read well, understand and concentrate on his or her studied or academics.
For example, a student drinks garri in the morning, afternoon and night. It is also proven scientifically that the brain needs good food to function effectively and you know that reading and thinking is brain labor.
Apart from food, As a student, you are supposed and expected to pay for your textbooks, registrations, House rent, School fees and general survival in the campus which are also hinged on having substantial amount of money, Talk more of clothes, shoes and lots more.
I must confess that most of this things are the reasons why some students engages themselves in activities like armed robbery, cultism, prostitution and kidnapping in campuses and in the society generally.
Some of the ways of making money for students in Nigeria universities or higher institutios I wil share in this article might appear funny to you but on another thought, it is the way forward:

Ways to make Money as a student in Nigeria Campus and Higher Institution

Ways to make Money as a student in Nigeria Campus and Higher Institution

1} Photography and Organizing Social Events

This is one of the commonest and profitable business a student can start-up to make cool cash in the Nigeria campuses and higher institutions. Taking Photo shots is generally common with studets especially the newbies at their matriculation days even at convocations taking of photographs are required too.
You can organize social events in the university and people pay to come in or it can be as well put for free while they just pay for their red carpet pictures,There is also a constant demand for passport photographs in many Universities and higher institutions in Nigeria.
If you are interested in this business, the basic thing you will need is a digital camera no matter how big or small it is, Just make sure you get started.

2} Blogging & Graphice Design:

I want to believe you know what a blog and blogging is all about, This business can be done by every student, whether male and female. All you need is passion, dedication and focus. Many of you all must have heard about popular wealthy bloggers like Linda Ikeji and the millions of money she is making from her blog.
When it comes to blogging, any one who is interested must have something to write about , something unique and special that can be very interesting to the public, it may be about technology, entertainment, fashion, Health, Love and Relationship, Cooking and catering, business and finance, and so on.
There are so many of them, it depends on the field you are good in and have the passion to operate in especially something you have vast knowledge about. Money can be made via blogging by Google AdSense, Consultation on SEO, traffic related issues, Affiliate marketing, Freelancing (writing posts and articles for other blogs and individuals), Creating and designing Websites and blogs for people : If you are very good with Corel-draw, Photoshop or other graphic design softwares, this is a huge business opportunity for you because there are always activities/events on Nigeria University campuses and higher institution which require posters and fliers for promotion and so on.
Do a neat work and let it speak for you, you will realize that clients will be coming for you in and out of Campus.

3} Hair, Beauty Salon and Hand Craft Business

This business is popular in school because mostly, our ladies can not stop making their hairs and nails. Whatever skill you have can always give you money at all times.
If you are naturally skilled with Hair dressing, Facial Make Up, Jewellery making with beads, bags and shoes making with beautiful Ankara materials and so on.
Do not fold your hands and wait for your parents to always send you money for everything you want to buy I school.
If you are not naturally skilled with this, but you are interested,take a bold step and learn it and this skill will fetch you cool money as a student, Stop wasting you time and data on social medias, You are lucky for the internet making things easier for you by asking Google questions and watching Youtube videos to improve your skills it will be a source of improvement to you.
make money as student in Nigeria

4} Computer, Printing jobs & Online registration

We are in Internet Generation so starting and having client in this business is not difficult at all in the Nigeria Universities and higher institutions. Instead of you wasting your precious time using your computer or laptops and internet access to watch movies and play games while not use it for something productive like assisting your fellow students with online registrations such as (Scholarship applications, School fees payment, admission regularization, course registration etc.) and charge them a little money for the service rendered to them, you will find out that you would lack some kind of little token in your purse and wallet in school especially at the beginning of semesters and when there are prospective/new students on campus.
Another way of making money with your PC is charging people for installation of computer software and games for gamer, typing, scanning and photocopy jobs and general internet solution like Online application of new and old students, printing jobs is another source of making money because students in the Universities and higher institutions do a lot of printing jobs, so you can go as far as purchasing a small printer printers whose inks can easily be refilled without completely changing the cartridge for a start because of rent challenges , you can start from your room or hostel, all you need is focus, discipline and co-operation between you and your roommates.

5} Organize teaching Classes & Home tutoring

This is only for those that are good in particular course or courses, you can start a teaching business targetting your colleagues and also especially first year students in your department/faculty. This is because there are si many students out there that wants to improve and broaden their knowledge on some courses they find difficult in classess or for those who are struggling to pass some courses. You can turn this to a very huge advantage and start making money from organizing tutorial classes for students and you will find out that your knowledge on that particular course wil begin to improve because you will learn more through teaching.
You may choose to hold the classes on weekends only and charge per class attended because of time management or hold this tutorial classes for secondary school students / staff kids in your area.  Parents residing around Universities and higher institutions value education a lot and are always willing to pay a good teacher who could properly coach their wards on subjects of interest at home. All you need todo is to workout a timetable that will be suitable for you and your client. Apart from the Home tutoring , there is a challenge of were to stay and do this because it is not always advised to start-up in your room or hostels, you can use a classroom, back of a classroom, or any vacant location around to actualize this. A student can also record video clips of him or her teaching various topics and selling it to the students.

6} Baking , Catering and Confectioneries

This another way a student in Nigeria Universities and higher institution can make cool cash and at the same time improve his or her skill. In Campuses, celebration and partying such as birthdays, Lodge parties, graduation, matriculation, convocation, hall weeks and so on,you can put up a baking and confectioneries business such as making rolls and its varieties,

  • baking cakes,
  • Fries,
  • Pies,
  • Sharwama and pizza.

All you need is to do a work that will always satisfy your cients all the time, as for the money talk, Cash will begin to flow like never before.  Especially for the ladies, go and learn how to bake if you do not know how to bake and watch video clips online to improve your skills in baking. In addition to all that has been said about baking, a student can also make Yoghurt/Ice cream, Juice drinks, Zobo, Soya Milk, Custard powders and so on and sell to fellow students in the hostels from their room and even supply to canteens and stores in their vicinity. There is also a sure market for those that knows how to cook very well because they can be hired to cook various dishes in various events that comes up around you.

7} Cable TV Installation and Maintenance

Despite the present recession of our country,so many students have Cables with Plazma tv’s in their variuos rooms. You can decide to start-up this business especially because it does not take much to learn the installation and maintenance of Cables. This is mostly advisable to the male students.

8} Selling Wears

This is another business that brings steady income in our Nigeria Universities and higher institutions nowadays, So many students loves looking classically trendy and therefore they always love to buy cloths, foot wears, handbags, jewelries and other body accessories both male and female. If you can start up this business and get these wears in bulk at reduced price from huge suppliers to sell to the students in school you will surely make much money from the trade  especially when it comes to fashion.

9} Online Affiliate Marketing:

This business is all about promoting other people’s (or companies and business) products and earning a commission for each sale that you make.  It is easy and cool because you must not even have a website to do this, you can make use of social media intead of wasting your whole time chatting, uploading and getting likes and followers that makes you feel like a “Slay queen or Slay King” while your mates are busy making huge money out of social medias.

10} Using Your IQ and Propelling

Make a research on what people around you want & sell it to them
The ability for you to know and finding out what students want around you is enough to fetch you the money you need.  This has to be things that you know very well that they can not do without but probably have to go out of campus to get them. Such as books (major medical, engineering, economics textbooks etc.), Suits for law students in schools where it is the uniform, Selling of recharge cards, Electronic gadgets, fashion items and so on. All you would have to do is to negotiate better prices with huge suppliers of the products, then bring it to the students door steps and I will bet you that your money will never run down.

11} Selling of used products

You know that students are always looking for cheap things to buy all the time, You can sell your fairly used and no-longer-needed properties, you can also help people sell their used properties and make money from it in the form of commission especially for those that has a lot of friends.
You may make money by finding out what they are willing to buy and what they are willing to sell at any time, if you are really interested in this kind of business always make yourself their go-to-guy for any thing or products excepte stolen ones and you will have a constant cash flow in your pocket and bank account.

12} Mini- Importation Business:

Involving your self in mini-importing business is a very good idea for students in Nigeria Universities and higher educations because it is a very lucrative way to make money online and offline in Nigeria as an undergraduate irrespective of the institution you find yourself.  The basic idea you must know is that you import  goods and products that catch the attention of students both male and female.
It does not also matter about the sex, bith male and female too can go into this business as far you have something that people want to buy. Mini- Importation business includes: Mobile Phones, tablets, Wristwatches, bangles, chains, anklet and customized wristbands, Flash and memory card, card readers, modems, Phone pouch cases, USB Cords, clothes, shoes, bags and so on. Make money today by buying goods cheaply and selling it expensive  for students in campuses.

13} Engaging your self in School Politics:

This kind of business is for those that have boldness, leadership qualities , lovable , social , eccentric and daring to survive, You can make cool cash with this kinds of personalities through engaging in school politics, Athough, with high level of cultism in Nigeria University , higher institutions and subsequent intimidation. The student needs to be very careful when venturing into politics in universities ad higher istitutios. Another advise I will tell you that  you might have a little set-back in your sudies and academics. So, the ball is in your court, Choose wisely.!

14} Bulk SMS & E mail Business Services:

This business involves sending sms and mails to people in various groups, organization, fellowship and departmental associations and so on. This can be a source of your money by sending messages to Churches, fellowships, mosques, class representative, student politicians and so on to make them regularly stay in touch with their members. You can also own a bulk sms website where other users can send sms messages by themselves while you charge them subscription fees and make your cool cash from it.

15} Offline Marketing Business:

This is another source of making money for students in the Universities and higher institutions in Nigeria, All the student have to do is to apply for marketing staff positions at companies offering such opportunity. Some of the companies will give you their products which you will sell, take your commission and return the remaining to them.

16} Games Centres and Sport betting:

This is commonly for the guys, As a student, you can buy a game console preferably PS4 or 5 and set it up for students to pay before playing. Since students loves to go to places they can go cool off after the day lecturers, I guess this will be a profitable business to start up as a student that wants to make cool cash.
Also, with the interest people have in Football, you can venture into sports centres by having a Large screen television, Subcribed cable connection and a comfortable environment where students can come and watch football matches fron normal working days to weekdays respectively.

17} Recharge Card Business:

We all know know that it is impossible for people especially students with Smartphones to stay without airtime on their device. Recharge cards are arguably the fastest selling commodity, outside food and drinks in Nigeria Universities and higher institutions. If you live in an area where people have to walk a distance to get recharge cards, I think you have to take that oppportuity to start the business before someone else does.

18} Branding Services

Another source of a student making money in nigeria universities and higer institutions is venturing into branding services such as customizing T-shirts, wristbands, mufflers and other trendy fashionable wears for Classes, Departments, Faculties, Associations, group of friends and so on. If you know you can not do this on your own, you can look for your fellow student like you and strike a business with him or her.
Always remember to make sure that you deliver what you promised and at the agreed time.  That is because Trust is always needed in every business that is been done,  let students know you as someoe who has a very good reputition because with good reputation you will get more clients and new referred ones than you would have ever thought of.

19} Production of Soaps and Disinfectants :

Producing soaps and disinfectants can source your means as a student especially Home economics students, You can apply practical knowledge of what they learn in school to make lots and lots of money by aking and selling of liquid, powdered or bar soaps, disinfectants, air fresheners, perfumes, body lotions and so on to make money as a student.

Sell your Skill :

Many of us has so many skill in us and it is unfortunate that we do not have the idea that those skils can make us lots of cash. For example, if you are good in playing mussical Instruments or you are good in artistic drawing or you are a great writer, If you have passion for music, you can download any music DJ application on your laptop, learn how to use it perfectly and I promise you that you will not lack money as a student. If you are also good in making people laugh and can also speak eloquently, just learn the rudiments of being a Master of Ceremony via the internet and you are good to go. You are blessed with a Gift, know and develop it and do what you know how to do best and make your money, so that even when you are out of school, you wont stay at home or carrying files from one place to another looking for white collar government jobs like some lazy graduates.
Please, Apply or start up businesses that will allow you work at your free time not the ones that will affect your studies and academic period or schedule,do not forget that your prime purpose of been in school is not for making money or opening a business of your own but to gain knowledge and degree. Making money is a gradual process because everyone that has made it in life must have a success story.
I just pray this article helps you achieve your financial breakthrough, especially for those in Nigeria Universities and higher institutions. Thank you!!!

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