In this article, you will find out and learn how to start importation business in Nigeria with N5000 or less amount of money. This does not mean that you cannot add more money to the investment, but for those who cannot afford much, with your N5000 and less, you can start earning real money to yourself.
Products you may want to import are mobile phones, computers, tablets, kitchen utensils, office equipment, home appliances, clothes, shoes, bags, electronics, toiletries, camera, laptops and so on other things you may wish to import at amazing prices.
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Before you start thinking how all this is possible, just relax and make sure that you read this article carefully to the end or conclusion. Also know that importation business can also take place on large scale but I think you know that this particular article is mainly focused on small scale business.
Importation Business in Nigeria

Steps to start up Importation Business in Nigeria

Make sure you have an area of interest and create a market

As an intended importer there must be an area of business that you have passion for or you are interested in joining. Therefore, you must try your every best to make sure you create a means to sell them.
Think and think over which of the products you want to start importing. If you finish the thought, take a bold step and start the business of your choice.

Make sure you link your bank account to I banking

Try and open a domiciliary account, this is because you can be able to receive money with other currencies apart from Naira. For you to be enable to buy things and make payments online and also sell it to interested buyers with huge discounts that will make them ask for more like Oliver Twist.
After creating the account, make sure your ability to do Internet banking has been activated.  Ask for a MasterCard or Visa card for your online purchases and a token will be deducted from your account for it.

Make researches on Online shops to join their program

Foreign companies that you can run programs with are Amazon and ebay. Make sure that you carefully put in the details of your name that you used in bank account carefully. This information is important for banks to accredit the accounts of the online malls.

Start Making Orders

Get started by visiting the major preferred website, which is Amazon. Well, if you still doubt me, find out the price of such goods online and/or walk down the street where you are and find out how much they sell similar goods. After that, you will proceed to make payments.
This is a very important stage in how to start importation business in Nigeria. Make sure that you always place order for things you can easily sell or things you have created a market where you can sell them so that their sales do not tie your money down.

Paying for the goods of your choice

This is very important in the series of steps on how to start importation business. What you see is what you pay and is also what you will receive. During your payment processes you will be asked the card you wish to pay with.
Ensure you pay with the means you are familiar with – preferably with your domiciliary account ATM card like Zenith Bank, GTBank MasterCard naira, First Bank and Diamond Visa card and so on. You can ship your products from Amazon and do delivery to Nigeria have it at the back of your mind that payment will include delivery charges apart from that, you will not be charge for any other thing else.

Take delivery of your ordered Product

The next step you have to take is taking delivery of your order and confirming that everything is in good shape is the final step of how to start importation business in Nigeria. If you noticed that your goods are damaged, some companies give you the option of returning it and you will have the transaction reversed. Call the customer care and return the product back to the company.
Therefore, you must go to FAQ and privacy policy tabs of the website to know more how the company functions before placing an order and making payments or even thinking of joining their company program at first. Also make sure you know your country code, this will enable the courier man to delivery it promptly at the address of choice without stress and struggles.


Years back, It was difficult doing importation business in Nigeria due to the fact that there were no or few online shops in Nigeria and for those few foreign company programs which was functioning discriminated against doing importation businesses with Nigerians.
As I have explained in the steps on how to start importation business in Nigeria, make sure you strictly follow these steps from the beginning to the ending of this article.
I strongly believe that anyone who is business inclined will love to give this steps I have listed a try and start earning cool money than ever expected. NOTE:  If you seriously interested to join this business, just visit the preferred websites listed above, you will find so many things to start-up your business with today.
There are so many products for example laptops, flash drives, electronics, Smart phones, Headsets, Tablets, and many more gadgets you will also love to go into business with in Nigeria. Start-up something of your choice which you think can fetch you money, do not fold your hands and wait for your government.
Lastly, also make sure that you do not limit yourself to the website i mentioned above as so many of them exist online it is the major international one that is reliable. If you want to import your products from Nigeria, there is no problem. Examples of them are Yudala, Jumia, Konga and so on.

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