In this article, I will show and explain what affiliate marketing is all about and also how to start it if you are interested.  It is one of the easiest and fastest online money making method in Nigeria. This is because so many Nigerian online shops provide affiliate-marketing programs where you can also withdraw commission from your local bank without opening a domiciliary account {US Dollar account}.
Just relax because you are about getting the key secrets for making money online as an affiliate marketer, starting from learning how to send and receive money with it in Nigeria and also how to promote the business to make your customers make you their favorite and trusted choice.

What is Affiliate Marketing Business?

affiliate marketing business in nigeria

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The first thing that should come to your mind whenever you hear about Affiliate marketing is that it is the online version of your normal physical market where you go and buy things of your choice. Therefore, Affiliate Marketing business is an act of selling other peoples’ products or services to customers that are interested to buy them, therefore requesting and getting an affiliate link from the company or publishers of the goods.
All the sales you make will be tracked via the link you created with the company and that is the means through which you will receive a percentage of fixed commission of any sales you make. It can also be simply defined as a platform that entails helping businesses to make sales through the Internet by marketing their products and services.
Before now, It was difficult doing affiliate marketing in Nigeria due to the fact that there were no or few online shops in Nigeria and for those few foreign affiliate marketing programs which was functioning discriminated against Nigeria for a reason I cannot really explain. Even those of the foreign affiliate marketing programs who accepted Nigerians, their modes of payment challenge also roused up.
We are happy that there are many online shopping websites now functioning in Nigeria. Good examples of them are Yudala, Jumia, Konga and the rest, making it possible for us now to do affiliate marketing for Nigerian websites. Payment methods like Paypal, Payoneer has also made it easy to get paid for affiliate jobs for foreign websites and also allowing Nigerians to send money through its service.
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However, payment giants like Paypal, is yet to allowed Nigerians receive payment, Hopefully very soon will start allowing Nigerians to receive.

How to know a Good Affiliate Marketing Program in Nigeria

Below are the considerations you should look out for before joining any affiliate-marketing program whether foreign or local.
1} There must be an affiliate marketers unbiased assessment of publishers products and services
2} There must be a good track record of the company and how long the affiliate program has been in the market
3} The Company must have a good and solid customer care with the ability to process complaints and the return of products.
4} there must be a reliability of their products or service in the market.
5} the company must have the capacity to pay fair commissions to their marketers on a consistent basis.
6} The Company must have a well managed company with satisfied staff, customers and affiliate marketers.

How to Choose a Good Affiliate Program to Join

1} carefully examine and inspect their Products to know whether they are true. You may also go far with the test by buying and using the product so that you may be able to make an authentic and true review.
2} Another important way to choose a good and reliable affiliate program is by speaking and relating with the company owners if you can and ask for copies of independent reviews done on the product or service of your choice. See if you will notice an undue delay of response or signals of insincerity in your relationship with them.
3} See what their compensation plan looks like and make comparison with others because so many of these online shops have different compensation plans and percentages they pay affiliate marketers ranging from 3% to 50% or more, some pay low and some pay less. It is now your choice to go for the higher percentage.

How to start up an Affiliate Marketing Business in Nigeria

First of all, choose which of the companies to affiliate with, between local companies or foreign companies. There are so many foreign and local companies which you can join their affiliate programs and start making money online. Also look carefully before joining any of them that require affiliate marketers.
Major foreign companies that you can join their affiliate program and make reasonable money include Amazon, Markethealth, Commission junction, Shareasale and so on. While the Local companies in Nigeria you could join their affiliate programs with are Jumia, Konga, Yudala, dealdey and so on.
For those of us that want to join an international affiliate programs, you will have to open a US bank account with Payoneer. When you are done with the opening of the Payoneer account, you then request for a MasterCard which would be sent to you within 30daysafter opening.
The account can then be used to receive funds from international company and websites, which you can then withdraw in Nigeria with your MasterCard.
NOTE { It is also possible to affiliate for Payoneer as you get 25 dollars for each person you refer.}
My most advisable foreign affiliate program to join is Amazon Affiliates, because it is a tested and trusted global brand and well known all over the world. They pay 4 percent of the total amount of any product you sell. With products worth 100’s and 1000’s of dollars, you can easily market and make a lot of profit from. Amazon also pays you 2 months after you earn the money. That means that your commission for February sales would be payable in May.
For those of us that will choose to join our Local Nigeria Affiliate programs, Companies like Jumia allows you to make up to 11 percent commission on every sale you make while Konga offers up to 9 per cent commission.
Dealdey offers a commission of N500 per sale while you also get percentage commission depending on the products. Kaymu also allows you to make 5 per cent commission on every sale you make and so on.


You now know that building an affiliate marketing business is a good way to start earning money online. And that it is not to be rushed into because it involves careful planning. No more dulling moments, times have changed when we fold our hands when millions of people are out there making money on daily basis.
I hope this article has been of a very good use to you all. Bless Up!!

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