It’s no longer a secret, that Airtel Nigeria is really giving MTN Nigeria a big fight for their customers.
Well, and the truth is that MTN Nigeria is very much aware of these fact.
Because MTN Nigeria has just launched a new service which is known as Call Sponsor.
MTN create this plan for her prepaid subscribers in which the a customer can call a friend which is also known as call collect call.
Now, if the receiver agrees to, he/she can pick the tab of the call which you placed.
This MTN Nigeria Call sponsor service has be made available to all MTN Nigeria prepaid tariff plans, except for MTN Zone subscribers, and yes, we DON’T KNOW WHY all MTN Zone subscribers are excepted from the plan.
Step by Step Guidelines on How To Use the MTN Call Sponsor Service.
Step 1. Firstly, you are to Call the phone number which will sponsor the call.
You can place a call to your sponsor by dialing *121* followed by your sponsor’s number#.
For Example:
Step 2. When you’ve successfully dial the number, you will recieve the following response from MTN Nigeria:
“Call in progress. Please wait while your call is being connected.”
Step 3. Now, MTN Nigeria network will try to verify if the intending sponsor (receivers) of the call which you’ve placed the call to, two things.
The receivers Tariff plan.
The receivers Account Balance.
After MTN Network has done that, the sponsor will receive this message.
“Welcome to MTN Call Sponsor service.
Press 1 to accept,
Press 2 to reject,
Press 3 to accept and add to white list,
Press 4 to reject and add to black list.
Now, your call sponsor will be required to either press;
1 To accept the call
2 To reject the call
3 To accept the call and add your number to the white list.
4 To reject the call and add your number to the black list.
Please note that if your call sponsor presses 1, the call will be connected and your sponsor will be charged for the call according to her/his MTN2MTN tariff plan rate.
However, if your call sponsor presses 2, the call will be rejected and you will receive the notification message:
“Sorry, the call cannot be connected at the moment. Please try again later. Thank you!”
However, if your call sponsor presses 3, the call will be connected and your number will be added to your sponsor’s white list at the end of the call.
But if your sponsor presses 4, the call will be rejected and your number added to your sponsor’s black list..

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