Are you aware that MTN data plans now come with Data Rollover and Auto-renewal? This is to your advantage because it helps you get more out of your internet package.
Now, it does not matter whether you are either an occasional, regular or heavy user of the MTN data bundle, because you can now enjoy unlimited Internet bundles and plans from MTN Nigeria.
MTN has created a data plan that suits your lifestyle without stressing you or making you pay for something that is not worth the price.
Below is a table chart that shows you, the price, MB and all information you need to know about a plan before subscribing, so once you have identified the prepaid bundle plan that best suits your schedule.
You can text the migration code for the plan to 131 (as shown in the table below) or better still, you can just select your preferred bundle from the Fastlink user interface, which has been customized to make subscribing a lot easier and better for your convenience.
When you have seen a plan that best suits you, you should just load the corresponding amount on your phone, and dial the code and automatically, you will be switched to the bundle plan you selected, and the activation fee amount will be deducted from your account.
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Please note that you will also receive a message on your phone or laptop which will confirm that you have successfully activated your bundle plan.

Data Rollover:

Do you know the meaning of data rollover?
It means that you can just transfer all your internet data to the next month subscription.
All you have to do is to make sure that you auto-renew your data subscription before it expires, this is the only way to guarantee that all your unused data is automatically moved to the next month plan for you.
This means that you have to subscribe for the next month too before it can be a rollover.
Please note that data rollover feature is only applicable to monthly plans.

MTN Data Gifting:

Is your love ones complaining of not having sufficient data bundles on their phones/tablet or laptop and you cannot chat with them?
Once again, MTN has got your back, with this new plan called Data Gifting service which allows you to send a data bundle to your friends and loved ones, by simply paying for the data bundle on behalf of the person with your own credits.

Who Can I Send Data Gifts To?

Data Gifting can also be used to send data to your other smartphones, modems and iPad.

How To Send Data as a Gift Plan To Your Love Ones:

(Through SMS):
1. Before transferring, buying or sending a data plan, you are required to register for the Data Gifting service by sending the keyword: REG to 131;
You will automatically receive a unique authentication PIN that you can use to send data as a gift to your friends.
2. After a successful registration, you have to Text the Keyword “GIFT [MSISDN][Data Bundle Code][PIN] to 131.
For Example:
Gift 0803xxxxxxxx 106 0000.
Where 106 is the code of 100MB monthly plan and 0000 is your PIN”
Option 2 (By Dailling):
You can also send data gifts by dialling *131# and follow the menu


Well, this is one new development from MTN Nigeria I so much love, because it gives you an un-interrupted data access on your phone or tablet.
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When you activate this, your active data bundle will be automatically renewed at the end of the validity period.
However, if you did exhaust your data bundle before the validity date, you will receive a notification in form of an SMS advising you to activate a new data plan or continue at pay as you go rate (5k/sec).

Bundle Plan Price (N) Total   Data Allowance Validity Period Activation Code (Text to 131) Activation     USSD
10MB 100 10MB 24 Hrs 104 *104#
25MB 150 25MB 24 Hrs 112 *112#
50MB 200 50MB 24 Hrs 113 *113#
25MB 400 25MB 7 Days 105 *105#
100MB 1000 260MB 30 Days 106 *106#
250MB 1300 325MB 30 Days 109 *109#
500MB 2000 750MB 30 Days 110 *110#
1GB 3500 1.5GB 30 Days 111 *111#
3GBNight(9PM-6AM) 2500 4.5GB 30 Days 102 *102#
3GBWeekend (Fri9PM-Mon 6AM) 3000 4.5GB 30 Days 108 *108#
3GB 6500 4.5GB 30 Days 129 *129#
5GB 8000 7.5GB 30 Days 101 *101#

Data Usage Guide

1 hour instant messaging 0.25MB- 1MB
1 hour of web browsing 1.5MB-25MB
Download 100 e-mails 1MB-10MB
1 hour on Facebook 2MB- 80MB
Download 1 photo 0.05MB-2Mb
Download 1 MP3 file 3MB- 8MB
1 software download 70MB-800MB
1 hour of video streaming ( e.g. YouTube) 250Mb-500MB

Data Speed

Signal Peak Speed Average internet browsing speed
GPRS 115 kbps 33 – 35..8kbps
EDGE 384 kbps Not Yet  Fully deployed
3G 384 kbps 100 – 240kbps
3.5G (HSDPA) 3.6 Mbps 800kbps

Important Notes
The chart table above represents the Peak data rates across the MTN network in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

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