Today, we’ll love to share an important information With Our readers, we’ll love to share with You today, the MTN Packages/Tarrif Plans in Nigeria
Seriously, it is no Doubt, beyond doubt that MTN Nigeria offers different Tariff Plans and packages to her numerous subscribers.
It’s not suprising, since they’re the network that has the maximum number of subscribers, they always try to cover more area their network has reached.
So to accomplished this, they have to create several different packages that will suit different people in Nigeria.

Please note that MTN Nigeria offers this several Tariff Plans and Packages mentioned below:
1. MTN Booster Monthly.
2. MTN Booster Weekly.
3. MTN Smooth Talk.
4. MTN PayGo.
5. MTN Pulse.
6. MTN Family and Friends.
7. MTN Super Saver Prepaid.
8. MTN Super Saver Postpaid.
9. MTN Happy Hour.
10. MTN Zone.
One thing is certain, the above mentioned MTN PACKAGES and Tarriff Plans isn’t the Only ones, we’re expecting More from them.
However, for now, the above packages are the Top Ten Mtn Packages.

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