MTN Nigeria has done it again, bringing out one of the cheapest call rates ever, called MTN TruTalk and MTN TruTalk+.
However, one thing is sure, unlike the other MTN tariff plan,MTN Zone, the newly introduced MTN TruTalk offers their subscribers flat call rate from the very first second.
Please take note that the call rate is totally dependent on the network which the subscriber called, as there are different charges for on-net and off-net calls made to different networks.
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If you called Airtel Number, the charges will be different from the charges when you call a Glo Number.
Another aspect of this tariff plan you should be aware of, is that it also lets you call 11 special numbers, which is termed “First 11” for a special discounted rates.
Happy Hour (12:30am – 4.30am)
While the free on-net calls is also applicable, BUT you can only make this calls during the Happy Hour, only if you have ₦100 and above in your main balance. ₦99.99 won’t make the Happy Hour free call.
Goodnews!!! MTN Nigeria has introduced a cheaper call plan of TruTalk, which is called the TruTalk+ (TruTalk Plus), But this one comes with a price, a daily access fee.
However, the truth here is that the TruTalk+ is much cheaper than TruTalk, despite the former having a daily access fee.
MTN TruTalk

MTN TruTalk Tariff

  •     First 11 rates: 11 Kobo per second (₦6.6 per minute)
  •     MTN-to-MTN calls: 20 Kobo per second (₦12 per minute)
  •     MTN-to-others calls: 26 Kobo per second (₦15.6 per minute)
  •     On-net Happy Hour (12:30am – 4.30am): Free, given a minimum balance of ₦100 or 20 Kobo per second otherwise.
  •    Off-net Happy Hour (12:30am – 4.30am): 26 Kobo per second
  •     National SMS: ₦4
  •     International SMS: ₦15

MTN TruTalk+ Tariff

Unlike MTN TruTalk, the MTN TruTalk+ has a lot of cheaper call rate when you decide to call any number within the shores of Nigeria than the traditional TruTalk.
When the sum of ₦5, has been charged from you account, all national (on-net and off-net) calls are billed at 11 Kobo per second (₦6.6 per minute).
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You should probably know that on the regular TruTalk, only 11 numbers could be called at 11 Kobo per second, so TruTalk+ is more economical and better when compared.

How To Activate MTN TruTalk or TruTalk+

Text 400 to 131 or dial *400# to migrate to the regular TruTalk.
For TruTalk+, dial *123*20#.

What You NEED To Know

When you first activate this tariff plan, it is free-of-charge in any calendar month. However, a fee of ₦100 is applied for subsequent migrations within the month.
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How To Register, Delete and View First 11 Numbers on TruTalk and MTN TruTalk+

Dial *560*1*MTN_Number# to resister.
For example, if you want to register 0803 000 0001, dial*560*1*08030000001#.
The good news is that you can also register non-MTN numbers.
Dial *560*2*MTN_Number# to remove a registered number.
For example, dial *380*2*08030000001# to remove 0803 000 0001.
To view registered number[s], dial *560#.

Important Note:

When you migrate to this plan, the first eleven number (Both MTN and other network phone number) are free of charge.
However, after the adding/registerting the first 11 numbers of other phone numbers attract a fee of N50 per number.
Another thing you should be aware of, is that you cannot have more than ten numbers registered at the same time with one sim.
When you’ve reached the maximum of 11 numbers, for you to add a new number, you have to delete an existing number, if the total number already registered is 11.
Best wishes and if you have any issue, do use the comment form in reaching us.

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