THE MTN Smooth Talk Plan is one of the best tariff plan out there. This tariff boast as one of MTN Nigeria’s oldest voice tariff package. This plan gives all MTN customers, the ability to make cheap calls to MTN lines and other networks. However, the network did a huge upgrade to the Smooth Talk plan, and the upgrade is known as the Smooth Talk Plus.

The MTN smoothtalk+ offers even better package and attractive benefits like cheaper call rates, free weekly data and lot’s more. Checkout the MTN SmoothTalk+ Here

Smooth Talk Plan

This tariff plan from MTN Nigeria, was strictly a voice based tariff and comes with no weekly data bonus, unlike the SmoothTalk+. Why it is one of the best tariff plan, is that it charges all calls at 20k/s at a daily cost of ₦5.

Although this service charges subscribers 20kobo per seconds to call any network in Nigeria, the SmoothTalk plus offers better price. With the SmoothTalk Plus, you will be charged a flat rate of 15k/secs to call an networks in Nigeria. However, the most amazing benefits is that the SmoothTalk+ does not come with any daily or monthly fee, except for the fact that your first one (1) minute call for the day will be charged at 40k/ secs (that is ₦24.00 per the first minute (59 seconds)).

mtn smooth talk

Benefits Of The Smooth Talk Plus Plan

  1. Calls at 20k/s to MTN numbers and other networks after you must have been charged. Unlike the upgraded tariff, from your first seconds, you will be charged 20Kobo per seconds.
  2. Free 100% bonus on every recharge you make, which is valid for only three(3) days. This means if you recharge ₦100, you’ll be given ₦100 bonus, making your balance a total of ₦200.

You cannot use the bonus recharge to subscribe for data or other MTN added services that requires subscription.

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How to Subscribe For The MTN Smooth Talk Plus Plan

Via SMS: To migrate to the MTN smooth talk plus, simply text 401 to 131

Via USSD Code: Simply dial *401# and you’ll get a success message.

How much will I be charged for migration?

Please note that when you decide to migrate to the MTN SmoothTalk, Migration is FREE. However, you will only pay a daily access fee of ₦5

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