Tagged as one of the biggest tariff package in Nigeria, the MTN BetaTalk does have hundred of thousands of subscribers, and while it’s very easy to migrate to Mtn BetaTalk, some persons are finding it a bit difficult to unsubscribe from the plan and join other tariff plans like iPulse, MTN Pulse, TruTalk, Just4U, etc.

In my humble opinion, I’ll say that the MTN BetaTalk is one of the delightful prepaid plans on not just MTN, but among other networks in Nigeria. As I’ll be sharing the method of how to unsubscribe, I’ll also love to share how you can subscribe to MTN beta talk too.

This page covers everything you need to know, including how to check your Beta Talk data, BetaTalk balance, and its bonus, in this article.

Unsubscribe from MTN Beta Talk

Mtn BetaTalk prepared tariff plan offers all active subscribers, a 250 percent bonus on every recharge, starting from N100 recharge card and above. What makes this plan more alluring and attractive is that you’ll be using your main credit after exhausting the bonus given to you after recharge card.

This data package (Mtn BetaTalk) is one of several Mtn Plans like Mtn Pulse, XtraValue, Xtraspecial. But it comes with more goodies for its subscribers.

In this article, you will first be shown how to migrates to Mtn BetaTalk, for the benefit of customers willing to migrate to BetaTalk. And also, how to Opt Out Of Mtn BetaTalk with the right code.

How To Migrate To Mtn BetaTalk/ Betalk Code.

Migrating to this prepared plan is easy. All you have to do is simply dial *123*2*6# on your registered MTN sim or simply Text ‘BT’ to 131.

Note that this is the code for users who want to subscribe to MTN beta talk.

How To Check Bonus for Mtn BetaTalk.

This tariff provide users with three different methods on how to check Mtn BetaTalk bonus, as enumerated below.

USSD Method.

To check your MTN beta talk bonus balance through USSD, simply dial *131*4# and your balance would appear. However, if you want to check your data bonus, dial *559#, your data details will be shown on your screen or sent as a message.

SMS Method.

This is the SMS method. For subscribers who preferred this method over the USSD guide above, simply send an SMS to this special number, which your balance will be sent back to you as an SMS. Here’s how to do this.

  •   Go to message compose section and text ‘2’ to 131.
  •   Send it.
  •   After it is sent successfully, You will receive an SMS shortly that reads:

Yello! Your request was received successfully, you will receive an SMS shortly do not resend your request. Thank you!”

*131* Method.

This method is known as the *131#USSD method. This is the most popular shortcode in MTN Nigeria for everything data balance and purchase. To check your data balance and purchase data of your choice, simply use the guide outlined below.

  • Dail *131*code on your phone.
  • It will open the USSD menu,
  • Press option ‘4’, which is for checking data, and press SEND.
  • It will display your data balance on the screen.

How To Opt Out / Unsubscribe from Mtn BetaTalk.

There is no shortcode specifically assigned to deactivate the MTN beta talk subscription. However, here’s a 100% working process on how to deactivate, unsubscribe and opt-out from Mnt BetaTalk.

  • Simply text ‘ STOP’ to *131*.
  • You can dial *400# and press send, and you’ll be subscribed to another tariff plan. You simply can’t be on the MTN network without atleast, joining one tariff plan.
  • You can also dial *123#, list of options will be shown, then you choose option ‘2’, and then
  • Select the plan of your choice.

Important Note: Take note sometimes, deactivation of most tariff packages comes at a cost. Most times, migrating out of the betaTalk will be rejected if you don’t have up to migration charges of N100 before you can migrate to other Mtn tariff plan.

Finally, I’ll say this again, there is no specific or exact code to migrate from, opt-out, deactivate or unsubscribe from the MTN BetaTalk tariff.

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