Here’s how to share data on MTN without stress. Most active MTN Nigeria subscribers are a bit confused about how to share DATA on this network, limitation and it’s duration. Here in this post, I’ll be covering all these topics and more.

Sharing Data bundles was recently introduced and since it’s an introduction, Millions of subscribers have used this to share data bundles with their loved ones, friends, and colleagues.

All MTN subscribers are given the opportunity to share data on the MTN network with their family members loved, friends, and colleagues. Here is the simple step by step procedures on how to share data on MTN Nigeria.

how to share data on MTN

What is MTN Data Share?

MTN Data share is totally different from data gifting or data rollover. The Major aim of this service is to share the same data bundles by various users. Which means You can buy a data plan and share with your family, friends, loved ones or colleagues. You just are supposed to choose one of the data bundle plans listed below.


MTN Data Share Bundle Plans.

Here is a complete list of MTN data plans which supports data transfer/share.

S/N Amount Data Cap Activation Code
1 NGN1,300 375MB *109#
2 NGN2,000 750MB *110#
3 NGN3,500 1.5GB *111#
4 NGN6,500 4.5GB *129#
5 NGN8,000 7.5GB *101#
Plan Name Bonus
Total Bundle Validity Period Purch. Code Price
250MB 125MB 375MB 30 Days *109# N1,300
500MB 250MB 750MB 30 Days *110# N2,000
1GB 500MB 1.5GB 30 Days *111# N3,000
3GB 1.5GB 4.5GB 30 Days *129# N6,000
5GB 2.5GB 7.5GB 30 Days *101# N8,000

Note: Please note that the data bundle plans which are listed above, are with a month (30 days) validity and can subscribe to via a text message by sending activation codes without the asterisks to 131 or by dialing the codes shown in the last table above.

how to share data on MTN

How to share data on MTN?

The MTN Data Share Service is free of charge and is available to customers which are currently in any of this Tariff plans listed below;

  • MTNTopUp,
  • Pay As You Go,
  • MTNChoice,

Except for customers of MTN Sky are limited. We will give all possible variants of MTN data sharing.

To start sharing data with your friends and loved ones on MTN Network, just follow the step-by-step procedures outlined below:

  • Dial-up *131*2*1#;
  • Press 1 – for registration;
  • Press 2 – change an old PIN to the new one;
  • Press 3 – buy data as a gift;
  • Press 4 – data sharing.

Also take note here, that you are supposed to choose press number 4, this is as proof of successful registration, you will get a notice SMS with standard PIN 0000.

However, before you will be able to share data with anyone, you will be asked to register the beneficiaries’ MSISDN. It is also advisable that you create a new pin, to ensure the process is smooth and works efficiently.

To create a new Pin, follow the simple guideline below:
Start by Dialing *131*2*5#. You can also choose to change your pin through a short SMS. Simply Type” 0000 and send it to 131

When you pin change is successful, you will receive a confirmation SMS to this effect. Another important update is this. Before you can successfully share your MB/GB with friends, you must have a minimum MB of 250MB, anything less than this will not be able to be shared with your beneficiaries.

how to share data on MTN

How TO Share Data on MTN Network?

You can share the data being a customer of PayAsYouGo:

Dial up *141*2*163# to purchase a data set;

Dial up *141*5# to activate MTN DataShare;

Choose “Manage Data Bundles” and press DataShare.

However, for subscribers who are currently using MTNChoice and TopUp: You too can enjoy this offer. To activate DataShare, call 808 or go to the closest MTN office and ask them to activate it for you.

  • Dial-up *141*5#
  • Press 4
  • Press 2

Important Information

All those who want to use the MTN Data share service should be aware that they can ONLY share data with 5 recipients.

How to Add Phone Numbers to MTN Data Share Service

You can add the MTN phone numbers of your beneficiaries to the MTN Shared Data Bundle by dialling *131*2*2#, or sending “ADD” to short number 131. After adding recipients to this service, you can proceed and start sharing data with them by dialling *131*2*3# or sending “Share” to shortcode 131.

How to Check MTN Data Share Balance

Once you have activated this plan, you can also keep a tab of the data used by checking your balance. TO do this, all you need do is to Dial-up *691*7# or send “Sharebalance” to the shortcode 131.

Hope this helps you understand and fully activate the MTN data share service. If you have any questions, or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to use the comment box and reach me below.

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