Are you interested in downloading Movies? Try Wapdam and you will never forget the experience.

ON, you get to download MP3 Music, Videos, Movies, Themes, Wallpapers, and more, which is 100% compatible with any Mobile phone, Tabs, or Laptop.

SO today, I will be detailing down, the greatest tutorial of all time, on Wapdam Free Download. I will teach you, how to Download Free MP3 Music, Games, Movies on Wapdam.

You can check out sites like Toxicwap, Bestwap, Waptrick, KickWap, and HotWap.

This company has been existing for years and has great resources for everything Music, Games, Movies, and just about anything on Mobile Entertainment.

The reason why I decided to write on this Mobile wap site, is to introduce the portal to those, who may have never heard of it, or use it. Likewise, to those who may have heard or possibly use it, the better way to utilize this site and get the latest entertainment you need.

I will be showing you, how to quickly download from the site, and share some other alternatives of sites like this with you.
To give you a better idea as to how the platform works, I am going to break them down into different sessions. Of course, these sessions entail most of the things you can accomplish on the platform.

It is obvious that smartphones are keeping hundreds of millions of people entertained, and after a long day of work, why not just turn to your mobile phone and get entertained, either through Music, Movies?

Personally, I always love downloading movies, I mean the latest music and videos online. From my experience so far, I have come to understand this, and that is, you DON’T just download from any site, but ONLY reliable, scam-free, virus-free sites and even more, free download site like www WapDam com.

Before coming to know about this wonderful portal, I have always been stressing myself, searching countless times for reliable websites to go download the latest Movies, Music, Games, etc. If you’ve been in my shoes, then I’ve got good news for you.

I would love the honor of introducing to you, a site that is meant for music downloads and all-around entertainment to keep you always entertained.

Is Wapdam Free?

This is one question I want to answer honestly here. Although you can freely get everything you need from this website, take note that it is not completely free from pop-up ads. The pop-up ads are the major source of income for the owners, which aid to keep the site financially stable, enabling them to offer these free services that others pay for.

However, if you are searching for portals without ads on the webpage, I’ll recommend the 123movies and Fzmovies website to you.

What are the secret and most outstanding features of this site, which fairly brings it among the top best Mobile websites to download movies for free?

Features of

Here are some of the amazing features of www wapdam com, which I think you need to know, which will give you a better understanding of how to walk around this mobile site and get the best out of all it offers.

♠ The first thing you’ll notice when you visit this website is that there is absolutely no registration button, or pop-up, demanding you to register, before you can access or download movies from the site.

♠ Another outstanding feature that makes this wapsite my choice, is its proper arrangements of different categories. The arrangement makes it easier for anyone to navigate to their place of choice, and download from the site.

♠ Unusual and speedy updates of the site with the latest music, games, videos, and app. Any latest update you need, be it App, games, newly released Music, or Movies, is already waiting for you at wapdam.

♠ We all know that Android is the latest craze of all Mobile phones, but this website makes it easier for anyone still using Symbian or Java phones, to still get entertained. On Wapdam, you can get free Symbian phone games and Java phone games to download.

♠ The site technicians are never sleeping, as they continuously block malicious malware, ensuring your safety when using their portal.

♠ The most obvious of all features is that everything is 100% free for you when it comes to making any downloads.
Yes, from the description above, you’ll know that Wapdam is absolutely amazing, and has all the unique features you need. Since you’re aware of its features, then check out below, how to download files from the site.

wapdam music

How To Download Files from Wapdam.

♠ The first step to downloading from this website is to visit the official website here. When you do,  you will notice it brings you to this website,

♠ Once it loads up, you can use the search bar to check for anything you need.

♠ But if you don’t have anything specific you want, then you can try the latest Update categories, where you get to pick the latest updates. You can also click on any categories there if you wish to download games, videos, and music

♠ Choose the specific file that you need. Then go over to the download page to continue your download.

♠ Finally, click on a download link that appears on the homepage, After this, you need to wait patiently to complete the download.

How to Download Movies in Wapdam.

If you are still interested in knowing how to get Movies from this portal, I’ll advise you to go through the guide above, and follow it step by step.

How Works.

If you have been using this site, you’ll notice that sometimes, which is rare, some categories may not be displaying perfectly fine on your phone. Don’t worry.

The people who may notice this glitch or error display, are major,  Java and Symbian users, or those who are still using the old Andriod versioned phones.


This mobile phone site has lots of categories, and it’s constantly adding more categories. However, here are the most active and hottest categories in this wap site.

  • Wallpapers
  • Themes
  • MP3 Music
  • Mobile Films

How To Download Wapdam MP3 Music Songs.

There are practical, Millions of free songs on Youtube. But wapdam makes it’s mobile-friendly and takes less MB to download. So, for example, let’s say you want to download South Africa Gospel music.
Here’s how to do it:

  • Tap on South Africa Gospel,
  • When it loads, just tap on the song you want to download.
  • When that loads up on your mobile phone screen, carefully choose the song quality you prefer. This can be the best quality, standard quality, low quality, or short quality, and it all depends on your Data plan. If data isn’t a problem, I will recommend downloading the best quality.
  • Thereafter, tap on proceed to download (song name).mp3. The download starts automatically. Depending on the speed of your data bundles provider, I’ll say it should take less than 100 seconds.

Under the Videos Category, there are other sub-categories like South America Music Videos, Nigerian Music Videos, Foreign Music Videos, and more.

On the download portal, there’s a search section on the homepage, this is the most important feature for those who can’t navigate this wapsite, as it allows you to search for whatever content available on the WAPDAM site.
Once you visit this site, I know you’ll certainly agree with me, that there are bucket loads of features to explore there.

How Do I Get Started With Downloading On Wapdam?

To get started with the wapdam services, just visit the Portal I shared above on your mobile phone or device and enjoy a whole new world of free downloads.

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