Yes, i know, this is the best tech news right now, and every single Andriod Users are just crazy over the bbm chat application for andriod phone, and are searching for the Download Links for BBM for Android .
Well, i have good news for you, you can now Download BBM to Your Android Phone here on

download bbm for andriod styzic

Just like i said above, it is no longer news that BlackBerry Messenger is now available on Android Devices and now, lot of people have started using the app to ping their friends on BBM, and imagine the fun they’re having!
However, i want to let you know, that as at the time of publishing this article on this platform, the BBM messenger for Android app is not yet available official and available at the Google Play store, but as you know, there will always be a leak of stuffs like this since a lot of people are eager to have it.
Although, right now, a BBM apk file (Android installation file) of the BBM Messenger was shared yesterday and a lot of people took the liberty to download the file and install it on their android phone and the good news right now is, that the BBM messenger apk file worked well and people got their BBM pin and they started pinging immediately with friends on BBM.
So if you have an Android device and you will want to use the BBM messenger on your phone, i have uploaded the link where you can download the Installation files.
Please note that there are three links to download the BBM CHAT MESSENGER FOR ANDROID, and i want you to download the apk file, so if the first above link don’t work for you, you can try out the second one or third one, but surely, one must work!
However, i am very sure that all these links are working because I have tested them all.
So, click the links below to download the Blackberry messenger for Android and starting pinging your friends and family on the BBM.
UPDATE: Go to Google PlayStore and download the BBM Messenger for Android.

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