When it comes to data plans and internet packages, it seems we simply can’t get enough from Airtel Nigeria. Their recently introduced data plan, which is the Airtel SmartSpeedoo data plan, has been tagged as the airtel cheapest data plan.
Not to mention, that Airtel has among other network providers in Nigeria, provide some of the cheapest and affordable internet data plans for all browsing devices, which include Smartphones, Android, Laptops, Pc, Computer, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, etc.
It’s also undeniable that the Airtel Nigeria Android Data Bundle Plans seems to be the very cheapest android internet subscription plan which is also fast. You can start subscribing starting from 2,000 Naira which gives you 2GB worths of data. Including the 4.5GB that is sold for Three thousand, five hundred Naira (₦3,500).
airtel android data plans
But most recently, the telecommunication giant introduced the Airtel 1+1 data offer for most of their eligible customers, and this data plan gives subscribers, the double of the data value for the same amount, this means that for:

  • N2,000 eligible customers get 4GB
  • N2,500 (Android Night Bundle) eligible Sims gets 6GB
  • N3,500 Eligible Sims gets 9GB

This data plan will bring smiles to all Android users surfing the internet with Airtel.

Airtel 1+1 Data Plan Subscription and Activation Codes

Since am writing about the Airtel Android Data Plans and Subscription Codes, i would also want to include the top best 3 android plans offered by Airtel Nigeria. I also shared with you, their subscription and/or activation codes.  

Main Android Data Bundle Plans

  • 2GB plan – goes for N2,000: Dial *437# to activate
  • 3GB night plan – goes for N2,500: Dial *141*1# for prompt to select this plan
  • 4.5GB Plan – goes for N3,500: Dial *438# to activate

1+1 Android Data Bundle Plans

All airtel subscribers should take note that unlike before, where some sim cards are not eligible for this plan, right now, most newly registered sim cards are eligible for these internet bundles.

How to Check Your Eligibility for the Airtel 1+1 Data Bundle

To know if your Simcard is eligible for this bundle, it’s advisable that you first check this out, before loading your Simcard with the Naira worth. Please take note that you can dial the below subscription codes on your phone without actually having money to confirm if your line is eligible.
To know if you are eligible and qualified, you will receive this message:
“Dear customer, you do not have sufficient balance for this plan”
However, if you aren’t qualified for the plan, here’s a similar message you will receive. “Dear customer, you do not qualify for this plan”.

  • *437*1# for the 4GB bundle @ N2,000 and
  • *438*1# for the 9GB bundle @ N3,500.

Checking Airtel Data Balance.

For subscribers who would want to check their Airtel data balance,  you can also check your Airtel android data bundle subscription balance, dial *223#.

Things to Know About the Airtel Android Data Bundle Plans

  • This data bundles and plan works on all devices including Computers, iPad, iPhones, Tablets, and smartphones.
  • When you subscribed to any of the above 1+1 data bundles, it has a validity period of 2 months.
  • However, if you have any unused data after the expiration period, none of the data is rolled over.
  • Once your plan exhausted, you will be charged 5kobo/kb.

Good luck to all subscribers and I hope this provide you, with the full details on Airtel data plan and subscription codes for Android smartphones.

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