The reason behind this article, was when I tried searching for how much data I have used out of my Glo internet packages and discovered that I had to use several blog tutorials before I can even get the right and working method on how to check my Glo data balance.
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Basically, what I discovered when I tried checking the Glo data balance, is that there are practical, two working methods on how to check Glo data balance.
I will also show you, how to check Glo data balance on Android, Smartphones, iPhones, iPad, Laptops, and PC.
One of the most asked question on our comment section from Glo subscribers, is how do I check my data balance (remaining MB) on Glo? Here’s the answer to this question.
how to check glo data balance

How To Check Remaining MB/Gigs on Glo Sim

1. The first working method on how you can easily view your data usage is to visit
2. For you to easily and simply check the Balance of your Glo internet subscription (data balance), you are to send INFO as SMS to 127.
Wait for a second, you will receive a reply from Glo customer care, which contains all the information you need to know regarding your current remaining internet subscription plan, including the expiry date and remaining MB or Gigabytes.
Important Info: It is very important to note here, that you can’t use this code/method to check for bonus data on Glo Bounce tariff plan, it is only for paid internet subscription.

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