I’m truly impressed by Airtel, they’ve got practically everything one can ask for in Network.
From Cheap Call rates to Cheap Data Plans and i’ll vouch for Airtel as one of the fastest Data Package Provider in Nigeria.
Sincerely, Airtel Internet Service is truly amazing!.
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airtel on facebook, styzic.com, Free Browsing On facebook with Airtel
That’s okay, the aim of this article is to inform you that finally, Airtel has released a package plan for all her internet users, both Users on Pc, laptop and mobile phones can use this service to FREELY browse on facebook.
With this Airtel Package, You can do the following on Facebook.
1. Chat on Facebook with Your Friends.
2. Upload Profile pictures.
3. Comments on Fanpages and groups.
4. Download Profile Pictures From Facebook.
5. Update Profile Status and many more.
And the Most Impressive Issue here is that It Is FREE!.
This Facebook Free Browsing Package ip for Airtel Users only. With this new facebook package, all Airtel users can now browse Facebook for Hours for Free without the Fear of exhausting their Credit or Megabytes.
Do note that to activate this tweaks is very simple.
How To Activate The Airtel Free Facebook Browsing Tweaks.
Step 1.
You are to buy a New Airtel simcard or you can still use your existing simcard, if you already have one.
Step 2.
Then go to your Phone Web Browser or Opera Mini and insert the web address below.
Step 3.
Then Visit 0.facebook.com
Important Notice:
Please note that this Airtel Package plan works with or without Credit, so there is absolutely no need to Panic if there is Airtime on your Phone,it won’t be deducted.
For Now, keep Rocking With Airtel!.
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