The Glo Network as a whole, their call rates, internet plans, international calls is simply getting amazing every single day.
For sometimes now, glo users has drastically reduced, but with their new plans, Even my friends have been calling me and saying’ Wow, Glo Rocks!’.
Glo Network are truly making all Nigerians browse the internet conveniently and are even lowering the rate to connect to the internet every day making it more cheaper than ever.
If you noticed, Some few days back, there has been a rapid changes in Bundle Price.

Well, the latest information on Ground today is the Glo 35MB for Just N200.
Did you get me right? I mean you’ll get 35MB without any tweaks!.
Let me add that the Glo internet connection speed is always wonderful and run as fast as Usain Bolt.

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Guidelines And Procedures On How To Subscribe For The Glo 35MB Plan With Just Two Hundred Naira [N200]
Step 1.
This Tweaks works on either a New Glo Sim or an already existing one.
Get either a New Glo Simcard Or you can either use an old existing one.

Step 2.
The next step is just Load up to N200 Airtime on your mobile phone and Dial *100*5*1#.
Thats it, You will be automatically subscribe to the plan.

However, please note that the Data Plan Validty Period has not been Confirmed yet.
But it’s really rocking and wonderful, let’s hope it’s 1 Week.
Till then, keep rocking!.

Here’s a link on To Browse Free With Glo On Mobile Phones.

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