What is the best Cricket apps for Android and iOS devices? You know, as an avid Cricket fan, you simply need these apps to keep you up-to-date about the latest news in the world of Cricket.

For you to be a devoted sports supporter, that means you must have been following up and you’re always up to date with various news of favorite sports.

It also means that you unavoidably need Sports apps that update you on the latest information concerning all matches including those you might prefer to watch and so on.

For cricket lovers, certainly, there are apps that keep them updated in everything concerning the cricket game. That is what we have done in this article. We have put forward a comprehensive list of best cricket apps for iOS and Android.

Five (5) Best Cricket Apps for Android and iOS.

1. Cricbuzz.


Cricbuzz is a popularly known cricket score app that can be downloaded and installed on your Android device for a better and deeper knowledge of the cricket sporting world.

Its interesting features include a quick score and support for the IPL, BBL, CPL, Natwest T20 Blast, and many more well-known cricket tournaments. It also features a favorite app specially developed for Indians.

2. CricHeroes.

Best Cricket Apps for Android and iOS

The CricHeroes is a cricket scoring app for amateurs. You can monitor individual players, games, and a full series with this particular app.

Meanwhile, the controls for scoring in this CricHeroes app are very simple in terms of usage or operation. It is also fast in terms of keeping up with gameplay, and can even help to analyze the statistics after the game.

There are many other features that accompany the CricHeroes app viz. video content, trivia, quizzes, polls amongst others.

3. CricLine.

CricLine app

The UI that will be revealed to you here is so easy and the app confirms everything and gets the job done. CricLine deals on series of cricket tournaments, teams, and leagues.

The bad news that accompanies this app is that it can most times feature some fake reviews, which is why you should be careful and vigilant to avoid falling prey to it. Though, as a score app, no doubt it is amazing.

4. CricSmith.

best cricket streaming app

The CricSmith is a new application with a clean user interface, precise scores, and fast updates. The app is mostly useful for monitoring games as they happen.

There is also the fact that the CricSmith comes with player info, push notifications for several key game moments, some news, and many more features.

5. Cricket Line Guru.

best cricket streaming app

Finally, this one is an uncomplicated but effective score application that supports tournaments, including the World Cup. It gives a near-live score update, match lines, and commentary.

The whole of the information here is well organized for the purpose of simple reading at home or at your place of work.

The Cricket Line Guru can also give you the option of selecting a player or team from the poll that you feel might come out trumps.

Final Conclusion.

Conclusively, we have been able to draw a comprehensive list of best cricket apps for Android and iOS. The ball is firmly now in your court to choose which might serve your purpose, or rather, which falls in your area of choice or like. However, you can feel free to drop your comments or recommendations, if you have any.

Meanwhile, it is our job to keep giving you update and serve you better concerning any technology news you might be looking for. So, stay with us, and you will not be disappointed. You made the right choice.

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