WHAT is the code to borrow Money/airtime or credit from MTN? How can i borrow airtime from MTN? These and many more questions have been answered Here on this blog.

The MTN XtraTime is a newly introduced method for Nigerians to borrow airtime from the network, when you have run out of airtime and pay later when you recharge. Please note that the borrowed airtime can be used on any billable activity, whether it is voice, data or a Value Added Service.

Introducing: How To Borrow Data From MTN Nigeria

This newly introduced service called MTN XtraTime, allows qualified customers to easily access airtime on credit, when their account balance is too low to continue making calls.

mtn xtratime

Who is Qualified to Use MTN XtraTime

Please take note that this service is available to all prepaid customers that have between ₦0 – ₦12 on their account balance, and meet the requirements.

  • SIM must be prepaid
  • SIM must be registered
  • Just like I disclosed above, anyone who wants to borrow main account balance must be between N0 and N12
  • Before you are eligible to borrow, MTN considers your monthly recharge frequency.
  • Most times, before you before, you must have recharge ₦500 and above in that month. MTN considers their Customer’s average monthly spend before qualifying them to be eligible for the XtraTime service.
  • You must not have any outstanding Payment. This means, you must have paid all previous borrowed credits.

how to borrow credit from mtn

How to Borrow Credit from MTN XtraTime

Customers can access MTN XtraTime by dialling *606#.

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Receiving MTN XtraTime Credit

When you asked for credit on Xtratime and your request is granted, take note that the XtraTime credit will be loaded in a special XtraTime account once the request is approved. To check how much borrowed credit you have used, simply dial *606#.

MTN XtraTime Usage

The borrowed Airtime can be used for all chargeable activities on MTN Nigeria. However, once you have exhaust the borrowed airtime, you will not be able to perform any other chargeable activities until the XtraTime borrowed is paid for.

MTN Xtra Time

MTN XtraTime Service

For everything given, you’ll have to pay back with a percentage. The MTN XtraTime attracts a service charge of 10% – 15% of the airtime borrowed. This means, if you borrowed ₦100, MTN automatically deducts ₦15, and the remaining N85 is credited to the customer’s special XtraTime account, which can be used for any service.

How to Pay back MTN XtraTime

All customers should note that this services attract 10% or 15% charge of what you are requesting for. However, on your next recharge, You will be automatically billed for the borrowed airtime. It does not matter whether you borrowed ₦200 and load ₦100, MTN will withdraw the ₦100 and your balance will show a -₦100.

Now you can borrow Airtime from MTN Anytime, ANYWHERE and pay back ANYTIME!

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