WANT to borrow Data bundles from MTN? Want to borrow data from MTN and pay back later? Then you have come to the right page and place. The MTN Xtrabyte is a plan which allows all MTN subscribers, to easily borrow data from MTN and pay back later.

The XtraByte from MTN Nigeria is the latest service introduced by the network, which gives all subscribers, the ability to easily borrow data and pay later. This is very similar to the MTN Xtratime, which allow you to borrow airtime and pay back later. Seeing the huge help and success from MTN XtraTime, the telecommunication giant has introduced the MTN XtraByte.


In our world today, where data is much more valuable than airtime, especially among vast majority of Nigerian youths, its not surprising that MTN has come out with this brilliant plan to help provide data to those in dire need of bundle to search/check the internet. Please take note that the MTN Xtrabyte is available only to eligible subscribers.

How To Borrow Data On MTN

Who is Qualified For MTN Xtrabyte?

To ensure that this service is enjoyed by those deemed eligible, MTN Nigeria has set down some criteria to ensure does who borrow data will pay. Before you will be eligible to borrow data from MTN via MTN Xtrabyte, here are the requirements. If you meet up with it, then your line is eligible and qualified to borrow data.

• Your Simcard must be registered.
• Your MTN line is required to have been active for a minimum of 3 months.
• Your main account balance must be below ₦12 before you can borrow.

How to Check If You’re Qualified for MTN XtraByte

To check if you are eligible and qualified for the MTN Xtrabyte plan, simply dail *606# and then select 1

It is also important to know that you can share data with your friends, loved ones. Here’s how to share Data on MTN

Important Note

Please take note that there are no connections between these services, the Xtratime and Xtrabyte. What am saying here is this. If you are eligible to borrow data from MTN, you can borrow data, and it does not matter even if there is an existing airtime (Xtratime) loan that is yet to paid back. They can as well borrow airtime, even with an existing data (Xtrabyte) loan which you have not paid.

Available Data Bundles on Xtrabyte

Here is a list of Data bundles that you can borrow on XtraByte, including the price and the charges:

• 10MB, costs ₦50 + ₦5 charge
• 30MB, costs ₦100 + ₦10 charge
• 100MB, costs ₦200 + ₦20 charge
• 200MB, costs ₦300 + ₦30 charge
• 750MB, costs ₦500 + ₦50 charge

Important Information

All interested persons who wants to borrow data through the MTN XtraByte, should note that the borrowed data will appear in a special XtraByte account and not the normal data account, just like Xtratime.

borrow data from mtn

How To Borrow Data From MTN Xtrabyte

Here is the direct step by step procedures on how to borrow Data from MTN Xtrabyte.

• If you are eligible and qualified to borrow DATA from MTN, then you should know that there is no limits to the number of times you can borrow XtraByte data. However, you can borrow as many times in a week or month, given that you don’t have any outstanding XtraByte payment.

• To borrow data and also check Xtratime balance, dial *606# and follow the simple procedures outlined.

How To Pay Back Xtrabyte Loan

Paying back your xtrabyte data loan to MTN is extra simple. You don’t need to press a button, you don’t need to dial a special code, you don’t need to do nothing! MTN will immediately deduct the equivalent amount from your next recharge, either you recharge your balance through recharge cards, share and sell, ATM transfer, and other recharge options. You MUST PAY 😀

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