The MTN SmoothTalk+ tariff plan has been introduced! All MTN users in Nigeria can now enjoy this wonderful Tariff plan with it’s bonuses and benefits. Here is everything you need to know about the MTN SmoothTalk Plus Tariff Plan, Migration Code and Benefits.

The very first time this Tariff plan was introduced, I was truly skeptical about it, However, experience has show me that the MTN SmoothTalk Plus is a special tariff plan. This plan gives all subscribers the ability to make calls at a flat rate of 15k/secs to all networks in Nigeria. This new tariff plan introduced by MTN does charge subscribers any daily or monthly fee, except for the fact that your first one (1) minute call for the day will be charged at 40k/ secs ( that is NGN 24.00/ min). After the First one minute call, the others will be charged at 15KB per seconds.

mtn smooth talk plus

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Want to enjoy this best tariff plan for cheap calls from MTN? Then don’t hesitate and migrate to enjoy this exciting offer. To migrate to the MTN SmoothTalk Plus, dial *401# or send 401 to131.


  • Please take note that starting from 12:00am (00:00) on Day 1, MTN will begin to record and accumulate the duration of all the National calls that you make.
  • As earlier disclosed, For the first one minute of calls that you make, combination of MTN-to-MTN and MTN-to-other Networks calls, you will be charged at 40 kobo per second, BUT ONLY for one minute.
  • However, Once you make a total of 60 seconds call, your MTN-to-MTN and MTN-to-Other networks calls will now be charged at 15kobo per second for the rest of the day.
  • At 11:59pm Nigeria Time (23:59), your total call duration will be re-set to 00:00 minutes and your national call rate will return to 40 kobo per second for the first 59 seconds of the day.
  • At 12:00am (00:00) on the second day, the same will happen throughout your stay in this tariff. After your first one minute of call at 40 kobo per second to any network including MTN, your MTN-to-MTN calls and MTN-to-Other Networks will be charged at 15 kobo per second for the rest of the day.

Features of SmoothTalk+

  • You will enjoy a Flat rate of 15 kobo/second for calls, and after the first minute of the day at 40 kobo per second.
  • You will be given Free 10MB weekly on N100 recharge.
  • Anytime you recharge, you will be given free 100% bonus on your line (This bonus is valid for 3days)
  • You will be given ₦400 Goodybag (400 + 500 bonus (25kb per/sec)

How to Migrate to SmoothTalk Plus

Through USSD code, easily dial *401# or send 401 to 131.

To activate the N400 Goodybag, send GB400 to 131.

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