FzTvseries.mobi is one of the best movie downloading websites that have stood the test of time. Millions of people who used this portal won’t want to exchange it for anything.
FzTvSeries is one website that the simple design is both alluring and same time, enticing. For those who love watching the Latest movies, favorite thriller, Historical, Horror, Comedy, Crime, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance-Comedy or Adventure TV series, FzTvSeries should be your favorite place.
Over the years, www.fztvseries.mobi has been providing millions of Movie lovers with countless movies from Hollywood and Bollywood. Fztvseries.mobi is a place where you can get all kinds of sitcoms, Soap Opera, Cartoons, Documentaries, Drama, in whatever genre that piqued your interest. Let us dive into this review, and let me show you, how to maximized fztvseries.mobi and get the best of it.

What is the best Feature of FzTvseries.Mobi?

Fztvseries is filled with great features and the site is constantly updating, which means that you’re getting more amazing features on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.
But the best feature about this site is that users get to download all Hollywood or Bollywood movies for free in mp4 and 3gp formats, or if you have the data bundle, you get to download it in a High Definition (HD) Resolutions. I very much prefer downloading movies in HD resolution because it makes it more interesting and clearer.

How To Navigate FZTVSERIES.mobi:

Most times, it’s not just knowing a website URL, but utilizing it to the maximum and understanding how it functions. If this is your first time visiting the website (www.fztvseries.mobi), you’ll discover that Fztvseries was majorly designed for smartphone users, since its interface works perfectly fine and smooth on Mobile devices.
Fztvseries has a simple design and loads fast. Although the only negative thing I discovered about this site is its pop up ads, the site management needs money to keep it running.

How To Search for TV Series / Shows.

Fztvseries.mobi is simple in its design and user interface, which is the main reason why it loads so fast. Searching for a TV show or series is easy, thanks to the search bar. To get a particular movie/show of your choice, you need to know exactly the name of the movie and how its spelled.
Once you start typing a movie title, there is a drop-down list of all movies with the same name, which makes it more much easier for you to pick your choice.
This feature of showing related movies while using the search bar shows you, why FzTvSeries is one of the best movie and TV series download sites in the world today.
The site structure makes it a lot easier to know exactly where you are going and how to get it. FzTvSeries provides a list of available links for users to be able to visit other websites, where they can download their choice movies. You can join their Facebook and Telegram page to get informed anytime there is an update.
There is another section called the “TV Section”. In this section, Fztvseries.mobi users get to see highlights of the most popular, trending, current TV Series which are carefully arranged in a list.

FzTvSeries TV Section:

The fztvseries.mobi TV Section is a list of TV Series, which is similar to o2tvseries. To make your search easier, the management of this website organized all the TV Series from
A to CD to FG to IJ to LM to OP to RS to UV to Z1 to 9.
The site also provides users a quick category to check the most searched, trending and popular tv series.

  • Most searched TV Series.
  • Highest ranking TV Series.
  • Most influential and popular TV Series.

However, you should be aware that Fztvseries.mobi TV shows are not arranged in alphabetical order. So don’t go expecting to search for your favorite TV Series in alphabetical order in this section, you will be disappointed.

How To Download From FZTVSERIES:

Use the guide provided below and you’ll get to know how easy it is to download Movies or TV Series without stress. Just like how simple this site’s interface is, it’s just as simple when it comes to downloading movies and tv series on this website.

  1. The first step is to find the TV series you want to download using the Search Bar as explained above.
  2. Click on the movie’s title and wait while it loads.
  3. You will be shown individual Season(s) of the TV Series
  4. Go ahead to click on the particular season you wish to download/watch.
  5. When the season loads, you are to choose the Episode you want.
  6. E.g, you want to download GamesofThrones-SO1EO1, Where Games of Thrones is the name of the Series, “SO1” means the season number, while “EO1” is the episode number.
  7. When you clicked on the Season/Episode you want to download, you’ll be automatically redirected to another page with one or two alternate links in avi, 3gp or High mp4 (HD quality), where you get to start the download process.
  8. Click on the link and download it.

Available Quality on FzTvSeries.mobi

This website provides users with video quality in three (3) formats. The three formats available are as follows:

  • AVI,
  • 3GP,
  • High MP4 (HD quality).
  1. 3GP is of poor quality and mostly for pretty old mobile phones that can not be updated to the latest operating system.
  2. Selecting an MP4 format, you are provided with both the low quality and HD (High Definition) quality. HD most likely would be at 720p resolution and this gives you better viewing quality. To get the best movies display, we recommend downloading the HD resolution for the best quality. But the only negative side is that HD movies consume higher data and takes lots of MB/GB.


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