This is another setting for mtn data services, you can just follow the guidelines below on how to browse with the MTN DATA SERVICE.

MTN Configuration Settings

Here are the best Mtn configuration settings, which you can use for MTN Data Services and browsing the internet.
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Please note that any data device that you use, and have inserted the MTN sim card, or you are using the MTN network on, need to configured to use the MTN data network to browse online.
Also, note that you need the MTN-branded USB modem or data card which has already been configured so you do not have to worry about configuring it again.
However, if you are have not been using an MTN-branded device, then you can do so, by requesting for MTN’s internet browsing settings (also referred to as APN settings or packet data settings on some phones) by typing the word SETTINGS as an SMS and send to 3888, free of charge.
mtn data service
When you sent the message, and your mobile phone is compatible to browse, you will receive an SMS from MTN data service, which will notify you to save setup information that the network will send to you.
Please make sure that you save the settings as soon as they are delivered to your phone to avoid deleting them in error.
Please also make sure that if you currently enjoying the MTN DATA network Internet browsing using your 3.5G enabled handset, it might be possible that your handset has already or is auto-configured to browse the internet.
But to be sure of this, you can just send SETTINGS to 3888 to receive more details. However, for devices that need to be configured manually, like most Windows-based handsets, among others, you will need to configure the data settings on your handset with the settings information provided below:
Account Name = MTN GPRS
IP Address =
Port = 9201 (for WAP) or 8080 (for HTML)
Username = web
Password = web
Access Point Name (APN) =

Important Notice

Please note that the same configuration applies to GPRS and 3.5G.
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