I just can’t even believe it myself that i’m sharing this tweaks with you guys, but Since i’ve got such faithful friends, i’ll teach you how i get Credit loans from Airtel whenever i’m in a deep trouble or without cash.
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Most a-times, i call this the Distress Call, since One might be stucked somewhere and he/she don’t have credit to call, Airtel has made it possible for their subscribers to now get loans from them and repay them afterward.

How Can I Get Credit Loan From Airtel Worldwide.
Important Notice:
Please note that if you required for N200, Airtel will credit your account with N180.
For Example:
If you requested for a N200 airtime loan from Airtel for your emergency calls or you’re cashless or stucked somewhere at one point, you will have to pay back with an interest of N20, making it N200.
Now think of this prospective!
’Isn’t this exciting?
Step By Step Guidelines On How To Get Airtel Credit Loans:
Note that you can only obtain this Airtel airtime loan when you dial any of the following Airtel loan credit codes which we’ve gathered and listed below.
Just choose any of this code (credit you want to loan) and type it on your handset.
*500*50# 50naira credit.
*500*100# 100naira credit.
200naira credit.
*500*300# 300naira credit.
*500*400# 400naira credit.
*500*500# 500naira credit.
Please note that using this service, Airtel will deduct N20 as interest for each request, irrespective of the amount loaned.
For Example:
If you dial *500*200# to request for an airtime loan of N200, you will receive N180 instantly, which means that N20 interest has been deducted.
That is to say that you will have N180 on your phone as your account balance.
How Do I Pay Back For The Airtel Credit Loan?
You’ll pay back anytime you recharge, the N180 loaned you will be deducted from your account balance.
More Important Information:
This Airtel Credit Loan feature can only be used ONCE, until you have repaid the previous loan, you will not be allowed to obtain a new one again. so this is just it. This is beautiful right?
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