Glo Is Back Again!, You can now browse and download unlimitely with your Glo BIS (Blackberry Internet Subscription) Plan Using just a few tweaks shared below.
Please note that with this Glo Blackberry Subscription Plan, You’ll be able to browse and download Unlimited on your Pc, Computer, Laptop, iPad, ipad, Andriod etc.
Step By Step Guideline On How To Make Your Glo BIS Data Bundle Work On PC,LAPTOP and Mobile Phone Without Any Software.
<>How To Use Glo BIS Plan To Browse Unlimited For PC:
Step 1.
You are to insert Your Modem and Configure it as showed below:
APN: blackberry. net
IP: Leave it blank
PORT: Leave it blank
USERNAME: Leave it blank
PASSWORD: Leave it Blank.
Important Note:
Please note that you must have an Active Glo Comonth BIS SUBSCRIPTION, before the above tweak works or browse on PC.
Glo Monthly BIS Subscription Code:
1. For Glo monthly BIS, just send COMONTH to 777 (3GB)
Cost Just N1,500 NAIRA.
Note that this Glo BIS Subscription Means you get 3GB plan for Just N1,500 Instead of the Normal N4,000 (Four Thousand Naira) You’ll pay for 3GB.
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