This article will be fun, but i’m pretty serious and going to say the truth, contemplating and checking out virtually every single Network in Nigeria, here are the best Four (4) Communication Networks In Nigeria With Proofs.
List Of The Four Best Networks In Nigeria.
1. Airtel Ng.
2. Glo Ng.
3. Etisalat Ng.
4. MTN Ng.
Please Note That This List is Also compiled from Users On The World Best Social Network,
This List is compiled after using these four networks and testing their GPRS Connection and Call Network Service Range.
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Number 1 Network In Nigeria In Year 2012.
When it comes to the best Network in year 2012, you’ve got to give it to Airtel Ng, they’ve really improved and they offered so much services that Makes every Internet Lover to get their Sim.
Seriously, i’m using the Airtel 3G service Connection and they’re the fastest In Nigeria.
Airtel also have one of the best cheapest Call rates in Nigeria, To me and several other Nigerians, AIRTEL is the Best Network In Nigeria in 2012.
Airtel Ng has also helped sponsored several programs in Nigeria that has helped Young Nigerians in Several Ways.
Kudos To Airtel!!.
I Seriously Hope they keep up the Good Work in 2013.
Second Best Network In Nigeria:
Globacom Ng.

I’ve seen a massive improvement in Glo Users in glo network Managers put more effort in Building their Network to become of the best in Nigeria, their GPRS/DATA PLAN is extremely fast and hardly before you’ll get server error.
However, glo hasn’t build their Network nor Covered all Parts Of Nigeria (36 States) as compared to Airtel.
But Glo Deserves Second Place in the List Of Best Networks In Nigeria in 2012.
I seriously hope they come first in 2013.
Best Third Tele-Communication Network In Nigeria:

They just came to Nigeria a few years ago, but they’ve really proof that they’re capable of getting of getting to the top, they’re really competitive, but in several areas in Nigeria, they just don’t have any Network Coverage, and when compared to Glo, Glo network Coverage is much bigger than them.
However, Come Year 2013 in a few Hours, i won’t be suprised that they’ll become 2nd or 1st.
Kudos To the Etisalat Network Managers, they’ve really done a great Job.
Wishing them a Better Year 2013.
Fourth Best Network In Nigeria: MTN NG.

Are you certain that i wrong?
Well, i might be, when you compared MTN NG network as a Communication provider, you might just cry out out.
Maybe Multi-links should be here.
However, Everything about MTN really Was scary in 2012.
Flipping Service, No Network For Days, GPRS network Just Nonsense.
For Example.
I LOAD my MTN simcard and decided to subscribed for the MTN 2HOURS bundle plan, only for ME to Wait hours without them crediting my Data Plan with the 150Mb For 2Hours.
I waited for close to 3hours, so i thought they didn’t recieved nor want to process my Request, only for me to check my account to see that they’ve not only Taken my Money,(250Naira) but they sent me a message that it’s exhausted!.
What’s Your Thought On the Best Four Networks In Nigeria For The Year 2012?
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