We have provided an easy guideline/steps on how to check your Glo Airtime account balance and Your Bonus airtime account balance in case you don’t know how to or even having difficulty checking them, especially when putting into consideration that most people sometimes are ignorant of the fact that they have bonuses.

Some people even allow their bonuses to expire as a result of ignorance. So, this guideline will help them to rectify the challenges completely, or at the very least, to a larger extent.

Knowing how to check your Glo airtime account balance and bonus account balance will go a long way towards helping you to manage your airtime because you now have complete knowledge of your account balances, including the bonuses, and to recharge at your own time and choice. Below are the steps;

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Steps to Check Glo Airtime Account Balance.

  1. Dial #124#, then you hold on. Then you will get a message immediately instructing you to press 1.
  2. After entering 1 as instructed in the command prompt, you send, by clicking send. Then, you hold on a bit, and you will see the remaining airtime balance which you have. It will then enable you to know if you have enough or if you need to recharge your account.

Meanwhile, we have also provided another easier way of knowing your account balance without the unenviable headache of having to enter the above series of commands.

The easier way is simply dialing #124*1#, and your airtime account balance will immediately display.

Steps to Check Glo Airtime Bonus Account Balance.

Generally, the predominant code for checking Glo bonus airtime balance is #122#. Nevertheless, you might encounter a little problem, that is if your prepaid or postpaid tariff plan does not work with the aforementioned code – #122#.

Hence, we have laid down in detail the codes which you can use to check your bonuses according to the tariff you are operating on or you subscribed to. They include;

  • For Glo Yakata customers – Dial *220*1# for your airtime bonuses.
  • For Glo Jumbo customers – Dial #122*23# to see your bonuses.
  • For Glo Campus booster customers – Dial #122*10# and your bonuses will be displayed.
  • For Glo Bumpa package Customers – The trick is to dial #122*2# to see your bonuses.
  • Then, For Glo welcome back bonus – Simply dial #122*34# to view locked welcome bonuses. And, as for the unlocked bonuses, dial #122*35 to check them.

Do not forget that we also have all the tips concerning how to check your data balance. Here, you can use *127*0#.

Meanwhile, for more info on Glo, we are always there for you, for as long as you remain a constant visitor to our unique site or page.


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