Glo effortless ability to provide affordable browsing plans in Nigeria has made Glo one of the best telecommunication companies in Nigeria. Their Glo night plan coupled with the fact that it is so generous in giving out whooping data for browsing for every airtime you recharge on your phone.

If you think it ends there, am sorry if I will disappoint you by telling you that, they will never cease to amaze us. They have continued to provide us with various captivating data bundles and plans, some of which are the annual Glo night browsing plan.

That is why, from records and statistics presented by the National Communication Commission, Globacom is said to be the network with the highest number of internet subscribers and users.

Here, we highlight the steps on how to subscribe for that of the 2020 night browsing plans;

glo night plan

Glo Night Browsing Plans and Codes Required for Subscription.

Globacom has provided a list of midnight browsing plans for its users for 2020. Meanwhile, the plans vary, that is to say, that, there are different prices for different data volumes. The bigger the bundle plan the higher the price/cost of a subscription.

But that doesn’t mean they are not affordable. In fact, not only is it affordable, but it is also durable.

Glo night browsing data plans can be enjoyed between the period of 12midnight – 5 am. Of course, that is why it is called,’’ Glo Midnight Plan’’. So, the ball lies in your court to choose from any of the plans the one that best appeals to you. See the list of the plans and their respective codes;

1.  Glo Night only Plan:

This night browsing plan is provided for Glo subscribers to enjoy between the periods of 12midnight to 5 am, which means that it can only last for the night and only for that particular night in which it is been subscribed, irrespective of whether the data remains or not, and it can’t be rolled over, as you will still need to subscribe again to enjoy for the next night.

The price range is; N25 for 250mb and N50 for 500mb. Isn’t it amazingly cheap? Meanwhile, for subscription, simply dial *777#, and off you go.

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2. 1 GB Night only Plan:

Like the first plan we listed above, this 1Gb night plan has been slated for Glo subscribers to use between 12midnight to 5 am, which also means that it can’t exceed this period.

Nevertheless, the interesting thing about this plan is that it is a 5days plan. This means that the plan won’t expire even after 5 am of the first day of use, you can still continue from where you stopped, and keep enjoying it for another 4midnight from 12 am to 5 am until its expiration, which is after the 5th night.

So you have no need to fear that it will expire after 5 am on the first night. This 1GB night plan can be subscribed to by dialing *127*60# or by sending 60 to 127. You will get the option for the cost after dialing the above code.

3. The Glo TGIF weekend plans:

The above-listed plan, the Glo TGIF weekend plans is very appealing, especially considering the fact that it can be enjoyed with just a cost of N500 for a whopping bundle of 3GB, and not just that, what makes the plan more appealing is that it can be enjoyed all through the weekend, which for most people, is about the right time they need it, especially given their working days’ schedule.

Simply dial *127*61# to subscribe or send 61 to 127.

It doesn’t end here though, there are other captivating night and weekend plans as provided by Globacom, which we are going to list out also. But before we go on and on, we would like to enlighten you on how to check your Glo night plan balance. See the steps below;

How to Check Glo Night Plan Balance.

You don’t need much stress in trying to check your Glo night plan balance. Three different steps have been provided so that you can choose from any of them the one that suits you.

  • The first way is to dial *127*0#
  • Another is by sending INFO to 127
  • Then, by dialing *777# for 3G or 4G plans, then enter 4 to manage data, another 4 to finally check balance. Meanwhile, all these steps won’t cost you any charge.

Having provided the steps on how to check your Glo night plan balance, let us continue with the Glo night and weekend data subscriptions.

Glo Night and Weekend Data Subscriptions.

Globacom has provided for her subscribers with various affordable night browsing plans, making it one of the most popular internet plans, especially for night browsing. They delivered a list of plans including a 24hours night plan and a weekend and 5night data plans, to wow their subscribers.

Below, we have listed some of the above, so, let’s continue from where we stopped.

4. Glo 3GB for #500:

Glo 3GB is very affordable for just N500. It is a weekend plan that can be used at any time ranging from 12midnight on Saturday to 12noon on Sunday. It expires after 7days, and can be used only from 12 am to 5 am on weekdays, that is, from Monday to Friday. That is why it is called a weekend and night plan, which expires after 7days.

To subscribe to this amazing plan, dial *127*61# or you test 61 to 127. Same code to opt-in.

5. Get 1GB for #200:

This plan is available and can be used just for one night between the periods of 12midnight to 5 am.

To subscribe to the 1GB for the N200 plan, simply dial *127*60# or you text 60 to 127.

How do you Cancel the Glo Night Plan?

The Glo night plan can’t be canceled due to the fact that it doesn’t auto-renew, much like other midnight plans. Nevertheless, for you to cancel any Glo auto-renewal plan, you simply send CANCEL to 127.

 Cheap Glo Tariff Plans and their Migration Code.

Generally, we have two of them, that is Glo Tariff Plans which can also be known as price or rate plans, based on their terms in the different billing systems. See the tariff plans and their different migration codes in the table below;

Glo Tariff Plans Migration Codes
Glo 11k/s Prepaid Plan Dial *211#
Glo Jollific8 Dial *123*PIN#
Glo Infinito Dial *100*9*2#
Glo G-BAM Dial *100*5*1#
GLO bumpa bonus, Dial *100*10*1#
Glo Yakata Dial *220#
Glo Bounce Dial *170*4#
Glo Free Tomorrow Dial *300#
Glo Generation G Dial *170*5#
Glo Formula Dial *323*PIN#
Glo IDD Packs Dial *777#
Glo BiiGy Packs Dial *170*1#
Glo Jolof N25 Dial *0805*25#
Glo Jolof N50 Dial *0805*50#
Glo Flexi Dial *123*PIN#

Conclusively, midnight browsing plans are very enjoyable plans, especially when you consider the fact that network is mostly very free at night. And it appeals most to the frequent users of the midnight internet, because it will enable them to enjoy uninterrupted network issues while using the social networks, browsing, video streaming and downloads and lots more.

Meanwhile, we will continue to keep you updated on subsequent changes and eye catching offers from Globacom network from time to time. Simply visit this sight frequently for more info.

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