Have you ever wondered where to find all available Glo shortcodes? I mean, if you’ve been using Globacomm service for a long time, there’s a huge possibility that you won’t know all it’s available shortcodes.
This Glo shortcode covers everything, from checking glo account balance, to Tariff information, Call Centre, how to check glo number, etc.
You can check Glo bonus data, borrow Airtime from Glo, Service information, buy Data plans, Gift Yakata plus data, To retrieve the list of Family & Friends numbers, activate Glo yakata package, etc.
This is the page you’ll certainly want to visit if you want to enjoy the full benefits of using the Glo Simcard.
glo shortcodes

Glo Shortcodes.

Shortcode Description
121 Customer care
*124*2# Service information
*124*3# Tariff information
*134*xxx xxxx xxx# Top up
*124# Balance enquiry. Check your credit balance.
100 Call centre
*1244# Check your Glo mobile number
*124*1# Check bonus data balance
*5321# Glo airtime borrow
*125*2# Package and charging plan
*555# Buy data plans
*127*27*number# Gift Yakata plus data
*555*1# Share your data with 3 Glo lines. Visit http://hsi.glo.com/HSISelfCarePortal/ to share.
108 Voicemail sending
109 Voicemail receiving
*543# Buy airtime and data
*101*1*F&F Glo Number# Add numbers to Friends & Family list
*101*2*<Old Glo No.>*<New Glo No.> Modify numbers on Friends & Family list
*101*3*<Old Glo No.># Delete numbers on Friends & Family list
*101*4# To retrieve the list of Family & Friends numbers
*455# Glo Yakata
*125*1# Family and friends
PORT to 600 Number portability
*400# To know if your number is registered
*777# Blackberry plans
02xxxxxxxx Simbox to 419 Report SIM-Box fraud

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