I would also love to inform you, that we have just finished our research on how to increase 2go star progress and become a master within a short period of time.
Just follow the tips below and see what 2go Masters are doing that they probably don’t understand, but which is the main reason why their 2go star progress is rapidly increasing and they are now 2GO.
increase 2go star

How To Increase My 2go Star Progress Faster And Easily

Just Follow the procedures outlined below to increase your 2go star.

1. Frequent Login:

This is what the 2go star booster application always do, they keep logging go and out.
But if you can do this yourself, your 2go star progress will surely increase.
Make use that you always log go atleast Five times per day, which is the minimum.

2. Always Stay Online:

This is another vital part, if you have a master friend, just study him/her carefully, and you notice that they are always online!, even when they have got no friends to chat with.
You are also expected to do the same, always be online at least 1-2 hours per day, then logout and login within a short period of time.
This move will tell 2go star progression manager that you are always active, which will see your 2go star progress leap.

3. Status Update:

Ensure that you are always and frequently updating your status. This is a big boast most people are unaware of, which i have used personally to boast my star progression, updating your status is notifying 2go that you are always Active!.

4. Purchasing of Gocredits.

Like we started in our 1st tutorial on how to increase 2go star progression
Buying and spending 2go credits in 2go rooms, and games rooms notify 2go that you are very active, and they will reward you by giving your star a great leap!.

5. Group Chat:

Another way of increasing your 2go star progress, is either you create a group chat and invite your friends to join, or better still, always join a group chat, which inform 2go that you are active and they push forward your star progress.

6. Always Online:

I don’t think there is any trick as powerful in increasing and boosting your 2go star progress as always being online, and this means, you always have to leave your mobile phone log in 2go before you Sleep!.
This is a proven fact, that leaving your 2go online through the night always boost your 2go star progress.
Make sure that your 2go is online during the night hours.
As far as you have a steady connection in order to avoid any disconectivity. When you wake up in the morning, just logout the next and login back again, you will surely notice that your star progress has hike up.
For a quick star progress, just keep on repeating the steps by step guidelines above and you your 2go star progress will increase rapidly and fast!.

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