Who won’t want to know the President of Nigeria salary? Personally, I would love to know! So we’re here today, where you will learn about what the Nigerian president and his vice earn as take-home pay, Monthly and annually.
The Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari affected a salary cut almost immediately he became president, the major reason why he decided to cut his salary, according to him, is because there is a need to cut government expenditure in Nigeria.
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Many Nigerians saw this as a good development. Not only the salary of the president was cut by 50%; that of his vice too was cut by 50% too.
After the cut, the president’s salary was reduced to N14 million naira. Which means that the president of Nigeria basic salary will be N3, 514, 705. Take note that this amount was made public by the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC).
However, other entitlements that make the salary N14 million naira, are the consistency allowance, which makes up 250% of his annual salary and amounts to N8, 786,762.50.
Another one is the hardship allowance, The hardship allowance makes up 50% of the basic salary and amounts to N1, 757, 350.50.
However,there are other goodies that the government provide to the President free of charges. Some of those other things are periodicals, newspapers, security, utilities, entertainment, domestic staff, personal assistant, special assistant, vehicle maintenance and vehicle fueling. All these are taken care of, by the government, an does not come from the wallet of the president.
Aside the ones which are mentioned above, there are other allowances for the presidency, including the medical needs, estacode per night, duty tour allowance per night, furniture allowance and accommodation.
These allowances mentioned above, are given to the president on a periodic basis and there are some other ones that are given on monthly basis.
That is not all, you see, the seat of the presidency is truly a juicy one, as there are yet other allowances that the president is scheduled to receive once every four years. Those allowances which belong to this last class, are the estacode allowance and duty tour allowance.

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