It’s no longer news that Whatsapp is the current social application that is slowing taking the chat world, and if BBM is not careful, whatsapp will rule their world too.
However, it’s not arguable again that WhatsApp is one of the most Popular chatting application online, and every mobile phone user wants to use their marvelous application to chat with friends and meet new ones too.
But this is almost impossible for Java users, except now, with this tutorial, you can now download a working WhatsApp application on your Java mobile phone.
This tutorial will guide you to install Whatsapp messenger on your non-supported java phones like the Nokia Asha 200, Asha 205 and any other browsing devices that the WhatsApp application does not support.
Please do take note that you need to free up your internal memory before proceeding with this method, because you’ll be required to have at least more than 4MB.
Important Notice!
Please make sure that remove one SIM card, and leave just the one you want to use to access internet while installing the WhatsApp application and setting it up so you dont have setting up favorites failed.
download whatsapp on unsupported phones

Simplest Step By Step Guidelines On How to Install Whatsapp App on s40 Java Mobile Phones Like Asha 200 and 205

Step 1.
You must download the Raw file from herenote.
Please note that the file is zipped.
Step 2.
When you’ve successfully download the file, please make sure that you unzip the downloaded zipped file, then copy the whole folder to your memory card.
i’ll advise you to to do this with your laptop or computer.
but if you’re good with x-plorer, then you’re good to go.
Step 3.
After completing step 2, you’ll need to goto the folder, DO NOT launch the whatsapp application inside the folder! It will spoil everything.
Step 4.
Okay, now, you’ll need to copy the application from the memory card to your My Apps or Games Folder.
Step 5.
Now go back to the initial folder and just delete it.
Step 6.
After deleting it, you’ll need to go to the whatsapp application in your phone, click the option button and click update version, let it update then you can open the application.
Please make sure that you follow all step by sure instructions which i’ve laid above and be patient, when it is finally opening, you will get an updating notification enabler, just let it load, since it will be once,
it will fail and tell you, that your mobile phone is not supported.
All you need to do, is just to close it and your whatsapp will be successfully installed and working.
Answers to Some Questions:
For most people who would be encountering issues and asking how to get the unzipped version, then proceed to download this two files from here and here.
After successfully downloading it, please make sure that you copy them to a folder on your memory card, then rename them like this WhatsApp_jar will now be WhatsApp.jar then WhatsApp_jad will be WhatsApp.jar
After doing this, you’ll need to follow the guidelines from step4 above.
However, for people who are still not able to install Whatsapp both the zipped and unzipped file on their mobile phone, i still have a solution for you.
You can download this file directly from Nokia store by CLICKING HERE it will surely work.
However, here’s a few suggestion for people in india who are getting error on updating favorites.
Please do follow this step by step guidelines:
Step 1 : You must get a Nokia phone that has whatsapp messenger working on it already.
Step 2: After that, you’ll need to copy the application to the phone’s memory card.
Please Note:
i said copy and not cut.
Step 3: Now, just remove the memory card and insert it back into your mobile phone and copy the whatsapp to your phone.
i bet you, you’ll certainly start enjoying whatsapp on your Nokia Asha 200.
If you’re encountering any problems, use the comment form below and we’ll certainly help you out!

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