Facebook-Techopera; Do i really need to introduce to you, what facebook really is?
well, i will do that for formality sake, facebook is a social platform where you can meet and Intract with large Number of people at any time of the day, you can also share and discuss topics which are related to your Daily Life and social activities.
And that’s it.
What prompt me to research and write on this topic is this, i have been receiving messages from our readers on our official facebook fanpage www.facebook.com/styzic, and they are asking for tips or tricks on how to send a facebook friend request even when blocked to do that for days.
At first, i thought it’s crazy, but i then realize that nothing is impossible, so i decided to search on this topic and guess what?
i found a remedy for this!
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How To Send Facebook Friend Request When Blocked
This will be a step by step guidelines, but don’t be afraid, it’s very simple.
Step 1. Please note that if you are going to Add any Unknown Friend without any Mutual Friend, then you must need the E-Mail address Of that Person whom you want to Add and just add the E-mail Id where it Requires.
Step 2. but if you want to add more than two or three persons, then that can be done very Easily.
Just go through the steps as shown below.
Just open your Notepad application in Your System
Make sure that write all your Email Address With A Comma (,) Seperation.
Likewise, also make sure that you save The File With .vcf Extension in your Hard Disk.
Step 3. Please note that this File acts as your Common contact File, which you should upload to Facebook and you are now you are ready to Send Friend Request to all the People in your Saved Contact File.
Here is another simple guideline to do this..
But just like step 1 above, you still the email address of the person you need to send the friend request to.
Step 1. You are required to visit a unique facebook url byCLICKING HERE
When the above website loads up on your pc, you will find a place to add a friends through their Emails based on the different Mail Services.
But, if you’re thinking of adding too many people, then it would be a better idea, all you need to do, is just to create a contact file.
If you don’t know the easiest way to make contact file then follow these steps.

Open new text document (.txt) in notepad.
Add all the email addresses separated by a comma ( , ).
Now save that file with the extension .vcf

Now this is your contact file.
Step 2. When you have successfully created the contact us file, you are required to visit this facebook page by CLICKING HERE
That’s it, as simple as that!.
Now, you can send friend request even when facebook blocked you, which means that you are one step, ahead of facebook.
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