IF you have ever been faced by the facebook photo verificaation process, you will certainly fine this post extra useful.
This article will help you by pass the facebook photo verification process and help restore your account back.
Since more people are creating double account everyday on facebook, they had left facebook no other option that to verify almost anyone’s account and also, asking for photo verification.
With this method, you can be able to create secure your facebook account and solve this problem!
Please note that this methods works only for an account which hasn’t been blocked yet.
SO today, I will be sharing with you, one working method to by-pass the photo verification method without having any trouble.
How To Secure Your Facebook Account

Here is an Infographic Step by Step Guideline on How to Secure Your Facebook Account From Photo Verification!

First log into your facebook account & then click on account settings like below
How To Secure Your Facebook Account
It will open up a new window and now from the right menu select trusted contacts.
Then are also required to click on edit, like it’s shown below.
How To Secure Your Facebook Account1
Okay, as shown in the screenshot below, i would advice you to pick 3-5 people,which will be later on used by facebook if your account ever get blocked in future.
So make sure that you pick them and you will know their pictures and names, which is most important.
I would also advise you to saved their profile picture on your harddisk or someplace where you can access them easily in case your account get blocked.
How To Secure Your Facebook Account
After you have choose them and have successfully confirmed your trusted contacts, facebook will now ask you to re -enter your current password and after that you are done!
Please remember that you will need to add at least 3 people under trusted contacts.
Like mentioned above, ensure that you can easily identify the people and their pictures whenever facebook decide to block your account for verification.
Incase you encounter any error, don’t hesitate to post or share them through the comment box below.

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