This particular article is concerning how to make money online in Nigeria without stress and worries because the best way to make money online is to learn from those that has been in the business for a long time and has succeeded, that’s the process this particular article is about to tutor you.
Many ways and secrets are going to be listed on this articles, especially the key secretes to making money online. Years back, people used to think that anybody who makes money online is a fraud or scam. That’s not true at all, things and time has changed.
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Making money online cannot be done without you having a knowledge about it, so before you even think of making online, be ready to go and make more researches on your own spare time. This article is enough for you to know where to start and how to start, BUT for you to make it online, you will also need to make more researches on your own, read more business blogs, know where to invest, how to invest, to build a better you in the online blogsphere and business arena.
how to make Money in Nigeria

Ways of Making Money Online in Nigeria

It is possible for you to make money online in Nigeria through millions of means, I will like to show you the forms of making money online:

  • Selling Physical Products

The first kind of online business I will advise you to start with, is selling products or goods online. For instant: you manufacture, design, create handicraft, then, you can sell the products online through a website or blog by starting up a shopping website and reviewing all your  items online, whenever people visit your website, they can see the products with the prize tags attached to it, if they are interested they may also make payments as well. After receiving the payment, you can send the product ordered by the buyer.

  • Selling Services Online

Selling services online means selling your skill and talent online, for example, there are websites where you can go and offer your services like designing websites, logos and graphics, writing articles, online marketing, video animation, and programming.  If you are interested and good in writing or making articles, you can visit one of the most popular services rendering websites { &} and now begin to make your cool money.

  • Selling Digital Products Online

Selling digital products online means selling eBooks, online videos, audios or software online. These are not tangible products so they can only be purchased through dropping a download link, which the buyers will pay for before downloading it online.

  • Selling other people’s Products or Services

This is another form of making money online in Nigeria, making money online via selling people products or services not your products is generally and commonly called affiliate marketing. For example, I am an Affiliate marketer, without having my own products and services I can still make money online by going online to search for other people’s products and services I can sell for them,

  • Selling Advertising Space

Selling advertising  space is another form of making money online by selling an advertisement space to companies or to small businesses to help them to advertise their products or services through your website or blog.
how to make money online in Nigeria

Requirements for making Money online in Nigeria

These few things are things you should have ready before even thinking of making money online in Nigeria:

Access to the Internet:

First of all, before you can search anything online, you would have to be connected to the internet to browse. It can be possible via desktop, laptop, Smartphone device and modem for browsing.

Money for Subscription

Having a computer or smartphone without any subscription plan is useless to the internet, For you to access the internet, you will need to subscribe to a data plan, bundle or internet package that fits your need.

Have a plan

For every successful business, there must have been a great plan behind it so, This is a business, therefore you must have a plan, set goal and structure for your business.

Bank and Payoneer Account

Money is your major aim of doing the business at first place so you have to set the means whereby this money will get to you. Firstly, you will need a bank account Secondly, for the businesses like international affiliate program that do not pay directly to bank account here in Nigeria. It will be necessary for you to create a Payoneer account for the money to be converted and transferred.

Patient, focus and Honesty

This three are very important for you to start and make money online in Nigeria, because you are serving the public so every part of you is suppose to be fair and transparent, Be very careful of the things you do and say because any review or comment about you is enough to tarnish your image online and everybody will be afraid of doing business with you.
Do not be in a hurry to make money online else you will end up been a Scam, Have patient to wait for your business to grow before you start to harvest and reap the fruit of your labor.
This is because one secret and advantage of online business is that once the money comes for the first time, it will continue to flow like that unless you relent your effort and zeal for the business.

Stand Unique

The is not only applied to making online but to your normal life style, never copy or imitate what people do because we all are different and we are the same time different skilled and destined.  It is not wrong to have a mentor of follow a particular pattern that works mostly and faster but at a time you have to set out your own standards and strategies. Do not involve your self in any copy and paste article, even though your articles are gotten from some one’s post  just make sure that you conduct a good and clean editing work with your own words. 

Things to Avoid If You Want To Make Money Online

These are few things I think you should not involve yourself in whenever you want to build a blog or make money online:

Avoid spending much money on your new website/Blog

When you are taking a step to start-up a blog or website, you should always spend an adequate income in spending and purchasing the domain name and the rest be invested in marketing the website or blog. I once had a website which I spent up to $15,000 to create and ended up having no money for marketing it.

Avoid spending much money on inventory

Always avoid too much money to buy items or inventory. I prefer you sell first and buy later. Always consider the model of taking in orders first before you purchase the item.

Ignoring Researches

Make sure you always observe a proper research on the ideas before you start an online business. Google is always available for you at all times to ask all kinds of questions as well.

Do not implement Marketing Technique Blindly

Do not venture into a marketing technique that you do not know nothing about, make sure you always make researches on what so ever you need online.

Factors to consider before starting up a blog or website

These are the few things you have to know before starting up a website or blog in Nigeria:

  • Find out and make researches about what people want
  • choose what you have the passion for.
  • Stay true and focus.

Ways of Making Money Online in Nigeria

  • Google Adsence

Making money via Google adsence is a means of putting google adverts banners on your website or blogs ,the more clicks you get, the more money you make . That means the more traffics and google ads clicks you get, the more money you make from Google adsence.

  • Start up  a Job website or search engine

This particular way is easy to start up but requires a person that is patient and has passion for what ever he or she is doing. With the current recession situation of the economy, So many men, women and youths are also online searching for jobs vacancies.
You can wisely take advantage of this opportunity by creating a job website and establishing a recruitment firm where you work directly with job owners or recruiters.

  • Freelancing Job

This simply means writing articles, designing a website or blog, designing graphics and so on online and getting paid at the end of the day.

  • Making money via Youtube

You can also make money from Youtube by uploading videos and monetizing them. Just know that you do not have to be a super model or celebrity to start a YouTube channel. Besides, there are a lot of things to use as content ideas that will interest your viewers, as long as you know what you want.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Running affiliate marketing program is another popular and recommended means or making money online in Nigeria.  This simply means selling other peoples’ products or services to customers that are interested to buy them, therefore requesting and getting an affiliate link from the company or publishers of the goods. It is just all about referring someone to buy what they already need and you make your money from sales commission.

  • Online Tutoring

This is another easiest means of making cool cash from the internet as long as you have a knowledge or something to offer upstairs.

  • Start up an online booking Website

This means can also make you rich and famous as a blogger in Nigeria. Firstly, When we talk about an online booking website, it simply means a place where people or users book for hotels reservation, holiday booking, flight tickets, cinemas, events, car rent and so on.
When you start up a website were people come and book for reservations and the rest, you make your cool money through high sales commission and also premium contracts. This does not only involve booking of hotels, flight tickets, events, car rent, you can also work directly with their merchants and act as visa processing and travel agents.

  • Start up a Football Analysis website or Blog

My advice for this is because soccer is the most popular sports with the biggest fans all over the world.  Know that before you create and manage this kind of website or blog, you must be a Football fan or freak. Do you know that 80% of young man in Nigeria are so in love with football?  Have you ever seen young men gather together making noise if they are not talking and bragging about football news? Have you ever seen a guy operating his mobile phone if he is not on social media or in a football website?
Take advantage of this opportunity by writing and posting articles like football predictions, analysis, rumors, Gossips, transfer news and injury updates on your blog or website.
Another way of making money via starting up a football analysis website or blog is by involving yourself in betting affiliate programs.

  • Bulk sms Website

Money can be made online through this means too, firstly you need to understand what a bulk sms website is all about. A bulk sms website is a website where users Sign in, signup, make payment online and send bulk sms to so many numbers of recipients. All you need to build such website is to buy a very fast web hosting, install Joomla and buy SMS delivery system on it and you are ready to launch your bulk sms portal and keep on making your money like never before.


No that you have read this article carefully to this point and you are thinking of the next online business to join, Make up your mind and join one to start making money online too. Try to observe all protocols in everything you are doing, Although it’s not easy but always try and do what you know how to do best and you will see the money coming through.

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