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Today, I want to discuss and show you a guideline on how to start a Media company in Nigeria, register a trademark and operate legally without any hassles with securities agencies.
Anyone here interested on how media companies like radio, news publishing or television company start-ups works or wants to know how to start a media company in Nigeria? I want to let you that this particular article was written because of you. Keep on reading because my trusted guides in this article has basic information on putting up these mass media companies successfully in Nigeria. It also contains valuable resources beyond imagination that will help you get through the process without stress.
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What is a Media Company?

A media company is business or mass communication outfit set up majorly for the purpose of disseminating information by film, radio and television broadcasting, print publishing and the internet. This is easy to startup because one does not really need the whole money in the world to make the dreams come true but what one majorly needs are passion, dedication and persistence.
Most of the media companies we see today are owned by private individuals or group of investors while some are owned by the government. Here in Nigeria, One our best online media website owned by an individual is Linda Ikeji’s Blog, Her blog is one of the most visited website in Nigeria.
As we all know, Media Companies are categorized into different kinds, for example: radio company, Television Company and news publishing company. Before I go ahead to explain the step to step guide on how to start a media company in Nigeria, I will first of all explain the step to step guide on how to create the category of Media company you are willing to create.

How to start a News Publishing Company in Nigeria

Most people think they will need to employ a journalist or get a journalism degree to start a news publishing business in Nigeria. However, news publishing company is more than a business; this is because one will need to majorly depend on passion, motivation, creativity and hard work which you put in, starting from the team of news writers, layout and editors to the advertisers.
These set of people i just listed above are responsible for generating good articles that can attract wide audience, especially the role of the advertiser because he is the one responsible for sharing the articles to different social media platforms and the continuous existence of news publishing company depends on money gained from advertisements been done.
So, before you start up a news publishing company, it is important for an owner to have some background in the field. To start a major business, he must prepare to invest in printing machines, computers to do the layout, cameras for taking pictures and vehicles for delivering for the newspaper publishers. While the online news publishers, after creating and registering your blog, start writing articles non-stop on your blog, always make sure you have the latest and most interesting information your audience are ready to read and come back for more. Lastly and the most effective way of reaching millions of people simultaneously is by advertising and building followership and engaging them for feedbacks such as Instagram, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, snap chat are all effective social media platforms for advertisement.

How to start a Television Company in Nigeria

This is one of the most expensive media means because it requires a huge capital to start up. As we all know, the television Information publicity are still published through television station which is made up of technical, infrastructure and manpower components that make possible the transmission of images through frequency bands. Requirements for starting up a television station company in Nigeria are land, buildings, transmission equipment, production control and studio equipment (cameras, lights, audio consoles, sound control equipment, microphones, and audio recorders).
Show directors, actors and talents, cameramen, floor managers, video editors, communications engineers, video production personnel. This can be also owned by individuals or government agencies.

How to Start a Radio Station Company in Nigeria

Before you can start up a radio station in, First of all, you need a space to hold your equipment for radio broadcasting, build or rent room, buy equipment, get approved licenses. For more information on how to build the best radio station, make sure you arrange your different show formats, from entertainments format, advertisement and the rest.
Starting up a Media Company in Nigeria

Factors to Consider Before Starting up a Media Company in Nigeria

1} Choose the type of media you want to operate

You are advised to think very well on the type of Media Company you want to operate on because there are different channels of mass communication; there are some outfits that fully offers the different services, while some render specific media services. The choice you make may be affected by the availability of funds for starting up the media company of your choice.

2} Choose and register a name

Every company has a distinguished name it is called or known as, that means you will choose a unique name under which your business will operate and be recognized. Do not also forget to register your name with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria to make your outfit legitimate according to the constitution of Nigeria.

3} Have a Plan/Vision for your company or business

Make your business plans professional and more comprehensible because you may be required to present it to potential investors. Jot down your detailed clear and concise plan that projects the operations of the business you trying to start, For example: profit making, marketing plan, funding, operational cost and lots more.

4} Broadcasting your company

This is another important factor that needs to be well considered because it involves the use of television and radio to broadcast messages and information to viewers, audience or listeners. I call it the most effective because it contacts a very large viewers and listeners.

5} Social Media

This is also another platform for reaching millions of audience simultaneously by building followership and engaging them for feedback. Just like i said earlier, Instagram, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, snapchat are all effective social media platforms for advertisement.

6} Online Advertising

Nowadays, information seems to spread really fast via online advertising, that is to say that you should involve yourself with the use of websites, blogs and online magazines in your Media Company or business. It may also be used as a very huge and effective advertisement platform to expand or promote your company.

7} Office place

Whether it is a small or big media company or business you intend to start up, you are advice to have an office, no matter the size, along with a computer, printer, fax, office furniture with maybe a commissioned office phone number. As for a blog biz start up, however will be a small office with few staff for a start, if necessary, some internet bloggers do not even have an office, and they still operate solely online.

8} marketing your business

Marketing is the key to a successful business, so you have to find a way by reaching out to potential customers and be able to convince them on the need of your media businesses to them via sponsoring some key industry events, providing excellent services and products, working hand to hand with other huge reputable companies or businesses on relevant and profitable projects in the society.


I know it is not easy to start up a media company or business in Nigeria, So, all you really need is to be passionate, diligent and consistent in your business or company, therefore you have to keep on putting your best contents that will set you apart from your rivals.
I am convinced that this article will help you achieve your goals and dreams of running a media company or business. Good luck!

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