Seriously, when it comes to blackberry, there are apps that we just can’t do without, I mean, top applications that almost all Blackberry users can’t do without installing them.

Here is a list of the Top Best Ten Blackberry Apps you can install for free on your Blackberry smartphones.

must have blackberry apps

Lists Of Best Top Ten Blackberry Applications

1. Viigo:

Do I really need to describe this app?

Well, I’ll do it. This is a full-featured RSS feed reader that lets you read your favorite feeds from various websites.
You can get latest updates also on technologies, politics, sports, weather, entertainment, world news, and other feeds.

It’s simply the best tools to use in reading the latest news from your favorite blogs.

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2. Google Mobile

Since there’s a ‘google’ in the name, you’ll certainly know that it’s worth it! The Google Mobile for Blackberry Smartphones does a wonderful job of combining Gmail, Picasa, Google Maps, and Google Sync. together, it’s like an “all in one” application.

This sure gives you a full feel of the Google brand. Helps you to Access Google Map, and lots more on a mobile-friendly interface that would really give you the taste of Blackberry.

3. BBNotePad.

This one is really special, and just like the Note applications for the Symbian Phones platform, this Application is created specifically for Blackberry Users.

The BBNotePad helps in keeping notes on your Blackberry SmartPhone, and guess what? Guess, please?
it’s a lot more sophisticated than the BlackBerry’s built-in MemoPad.

With this application, you can save files in the txt extension and open the note files directly from your Laptop or Computer.

4. GridMagic Community Edition.

This is mainly for Blackberry Users who have Pc. Let’s say you are in an environment beyond the reach of your computer or laptop, and you do need to arrange some data in a spreadsheet format and perform some complex calculations, just like what spreadsheet does, that’s where GridMagic comes in.

This application can come in quite handy for Accounting Students and others already in the Profession.

5. Facebook For Blackberry.

It’s like this application is a must-have for all blackberry phones, and I guess it’s almost coming with the phones now.

However, for facebook lovers like me, you can also use the official Facebook applications on your Blackberry Phones, which will give you, a PC kind of platform, where you’ll be able to upload images, update statues, a total user-friendly app on Mobile. It’s really fun using this App on the Blackberry Platform.

6. Twitter For Blackberry.

Just like Facebook, this is also a must install/have for every Blackberry Users. With this application, you can update and share tweets using the official Blackberry Twitter Application.

It’s worth it, plus it offers everything your PC offers but in a more mobile-friendly platform.

7. Screen Muncher.

I have this application on my BB, and it’s fun, because when watching movies online or through my memory card, there is some scene which I would love to capture, and this application is the best shot!

If you love taking screenshots of your Blackberry Display Interface, then this Application is for you. It helps you make cool screenshots on your Blackberry Phones.

8. Opera Mini.

When I bought my first blackberry phone, it was really hard browsing, since the default browser of Blackberry Phones is not well optimized for easy navigation. This is a must-have application for all blackberry users.

Because when you need an efficient mobile browser, you can count in Ucweb or Opera Mini. This application can be installed and ran on the Blackberry OS.

9. Beam Explorer

Yes, this is one of my best application. Beam explorer helps you to arrange files, images, videos, and music on your Blackberry Storage in a way that you can always understand and makes it easier for you to locate your files.

Beams a simple yet effective File Manager. One feature I love about this App is that it can be used to easily create MS office files.

10. Photo Studio.

This is for music or Movie lovers. If you’re in love with the Artistic Media, you love taking pictures and sharing with friends, Photo Studio helps you add frames, Edit and Save photos right from your smartphone without the need for a PC.

Bonus Applications!

11. Whatsapp.

You know, if I did not add the WhatsApp application, I guess you would have concluded that am retarded.
WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging app online today, and what makes it more popular is that it can run in almost all Mobile Operating Systems, and helps in connecting Mobile users into a particular Instant messaging network.

Bringing together friends to share pictures, videos and where they can also chat.


This application helps you to join together different pictures in one photo, which makes your picture stands out.
This is the best photo editing app on Blackberry and all blackberry users are using it.


Just like WhatsApp, Badoo is a place where you can meet and chat, make new friends and enjoy the cyber world.
It’s very active and the users there are super friendly.


you need this App, and yes, I’ll not explain it here, because it’s really wonderful and I guess you must have installed it already.

Blackberry Protect.

Just like the name, this application protects your blackberry from virus and other malicious attacks.

Final Conclusion.

I’ve done my best, however, if there are other Blackberry Apps you know and would love us to know about it too, please use the comment box below.

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