A newspaper can be simply defined as a printed publication, that contains different sections with different contents, articles, opinions and features and is distributed weekly or daily. There are so many newspaper publishing companies in Nigeria, for example, the vanguard, punch and Guardian which are one of the most popular and outstanding newspapers based on longevity and quality in Nigeria. Today, the world has gone internet savvy as most newspapers are online publications(signal, authority, breaking times) anyone willing to start a traditional newspaper or magazine publication still stands a chance of succeeding if dedication and much handwork are involve.
Do you know that there are so many reasons why people may go into publication of newspapers? For instance, someone with good experience in media and passion for writing and advertising may decide to own his or her own newspaper publication company for the dissemination of credible information, to promote activities of their own interest for instance, a newspaper publisher whose interest is sports will promote a lot of sports news through his or her publication. Then, I think another reason someone will want to start publishing newspapers is to simply make money via it.
How To Start a Newspaper Publication Company in Nigeria
Are you aware that owning a newspaper can make you famous and grow your reputation especially if you publish credible and verified news only?; Yes, it will build and establish relationship with businesses and will increase your investors.
Below are the things you have to know before starting a Newspaper publishing company in Nigeria:

1} Make Researches and have a plan

Before you even think of venturing into this business, you must have to decide on the niche of your publication, for example Tech news, sports, politics, entertainment, reoccurring social issues, or a general theme which embraces every facet of life {which is not really easy}.
This is because before you even had the thought, there were already existing competitors in whatever field you decide to explore, keep your articles and publications unique and neat, making sure that your contents are good enough to capture and maintain the attention and patronage of your readers or audience, How many pages will you publish? The availability and access to content will determine the overall size of your newspaper content.
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The important next thing is that you must decide on how often you intend to publish your newspaper. Publishing a newspaper requires much planning and little work. There are so many newspaper outfit that carry out third party printing to make extra money; so, you can make use of them. The appearance of your publication is dependent on your printer, so while choosing a printer, and make sure you find out what their requirements are and whether you will be able to meet them. After printing your Newspaper, the next thing that comes to mind is, how do you distribute these articles to your readers or audience?
The distribution of your articles depends on your location. Do you know that you can pay for your newspaper to be distributed? All have to do is to mail them to offices, hire vendors or marketers to handle the distribution. You cannot start a newspaper publication without a reliable source of revenue; you can either raise your funds if you are capable or seek for loans and grants from available financial institutions like banks and the rest, you will need to sell advertisements to raise money to cover up your expenses, raise the price of ads as your business grows to make significant profit. Do you know that newspapers can never runs out of advertisement? This is because the cost of advertising on newspaper is way lesser than advertising online.
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2} Build your team

You have to build your team because it is impossible to run your entire newspaper business on your own, you will need to find and hire experienced, dedicated and qualified persons to work with you, if you really want to reach the height of greatness.

3} Handle all Legalities

Always make sure that after registering the name of your publication with the relevant commissions, you will need to visit a national library in Lagos or Abuja to submit your newspaper name for approval. You will be contacted if approved; you will then print a maiden edition which will be submitted to the library.

4} Marketing Manager

Do you know that to ensure that your publication gets to every hook and corner of your location and beyond, you will need a marketing manager to oversee its spread to public places? This is because publicity requires expertise and without it, your business will not reach the height it is supposed to reach.

5} Sales Manager

A sale manager will be needed in this business to control all activities in relation to sales and subscription of the newspaper. Everyone who needs to advertise with the publication or desires bulk subscription will need to do so by contacting the sales manager.

6} Production Manager

The Production manager supervises and watch over the whole production process from writing, editing to printing and designs to ensure that everything comes out perfectly without hitches that may hinder production and credibility of the newspaper publication.

7} Graphic Designer

In publishing a newspaper, work hard and make sure that your whole work shapes a different design from others in the market. There is a need to search for advertisers if you want to succeed, don’t sit and wait for them to come to you. Approach business owners and ask them to buy advertiement expand your reach by asking other business owners to refer you to others.

8} Hire Writers

 Try to hire writers in your business, Writers are people who carry our research and write based on their findings for publications. They provide content that captivates the reader and keeps him excited and eager to read the next publication of your newspaper therefore building the reputation of your newspaper publication business. Make sure you choose writer that is creative, driven by passion and an expert at developing qualitative articles.

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