We all know that MTN is one of the biggest telecommunication service providers in Nigeria. This means a huge number of subscribers subscribed to their data plan.

However, When you subscribe and your loved ones want to browse, but don’t have any subscription, what help can you provide? Here is how to transfer data on MTN.

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How to Transfer Data on MTN Nigeria?

The answer to this question on how to transfer MTN data bundle is rather simple and can be easily done. There are no limits to the number of data you can transfer, as much as you have the data to transfer.


So the question remains, How does one transfer data on MTN? Follow this guide below.

transfer data on mtn

Transfer DATA From MTN to MTN.

To ensure success, you have to dial *131*2# on your smartphone. It is your MTN transfer code. Further, you will need to enter the following:

• To register, enter 1,
• To change the default PIN code, enter 2,
• To buy data as a gift, enter 3,
• To share data, enter 4.

After you must have successfully registered, any action button you choose above, you will receive a confirmation SMS from number 0000.

To change your Personal Identification Number (PIN), you can also send the SMS with the following text:

CHANGE 0000 *NEW PIN NEW PIN* to number 131.

For example, ‘CHANGE 0000 1472 7896 7561’ to 131, After doing so, you will receive a confirmation on the successful change of the PIN.

However, to start a data transfer, you are required to dial *131*2# and after that to enter 4 for data transfer. You are obliged to report ADD (MSISDN) after which you receive one more notification message from the automated center.

After changing your PIN and add Beneficiaries MSISDN code, you can start sending DATA to the beneficiaries without much stress.

Take note that you have to be on a Monthly Tariff plan with more than 250MB to be able to share Data. The Minimum data you need to have is 250MB before you can be able to share data with others.

Also, take note that any Tariff plans with a limit lower than 250 MB won’t be able to exchange the data.

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