It seems like Infinix mobility is unstoppable. With the launching of the Infinix Xband and Infinix Headphone XE02 accessories, i think they may one day, become the giant of Africa in technology. The newly introduced Infinix xband and Headphone are a newly concept of accessories with the introduction of its first wearable technology, X-band (XBO1), a smart bracelet, which enhances fitness with the latest technology.
The company decided to announced the introduction of its new headphones, which is popularly known as; “The Dual noise cancellation” XE02. All fans of infinix should take note that this accessory aims to improve sound quality, while disrupting background noise, giving you the the best quality music you ever need.

Infinix X-band Smart Bracelet Quick Review

infinix xband
The infinix X-band smart bracelet is the first of its kind which is produced by the company. The X-band smart bracelet is fully crafted in premium space magnesium alloy, while the bracelet body is finely processed with brushed metallic texturing.
Be aware that the Infinix Xband monitors the wearer’s movement, either you are walking or running, it allows users to plan and achieve their fitness goals. The smart-watch comes with a digital display screen, which shows time, date and other notifications that you will surely discover are extremely interesting.
The Infinix Xband isn’t just a smart bracelet, because it can also be used in receiving phone calls, have an amazing battery life of 7 hours, and fast charge is enabled.
This smartwatch is the perfect device that shows you how technology is making fitness more achievable and enjoyable, since you can easily time yourself with the bracelet you are putting on.
You should know that the infinix Xband smart-bracelet works perfectly fine with the customized Xband App, which allows users to connect and share their achieved fitness goals on their social media profiles, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or their fitness groups.

Infinix DNC Headphone Quick Review

infinix headphones
I did a complete review of the Infinix DNC headphone, and you will be amazed to know some of the features and specs in the DNC XEO2 Infinix DNC headphone. For those who are aware of the infinix XE01 DNC headphone, you will know that the XE02 is a major upgrade. This headphone is able to power for more than 10 hrs on a full charge.
In package, this headphone comes in a unique 2.5 D wrapped density. it also features a red-green-yellow tri color LED indication, and amazingly, they are both functional and aesthetically appealing to the eyes. However, the most alluring feature about the XE02 is that guarantees an automatic noise cancellation quality (IC) of 95% with Hi-Fi sound.
As you can tell from this quick review of this accessories, they are both proof that Infinix is increasing and testing new ground, diversifying and using technology to better enhance consumer lifestyle.
From this accessories, you’ll discover that Infinix didn’t stop their innovation with smartphones, rather the company is aiming to create the best experience with technology, to make sure they give their customers the best.

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